Many businesses understand that they need SEO services to reach more customers. However, just hiring a random Austin SEO company isn’t going to make the cut.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tricky business; sometimes, you get unexpectedly positive results while other times, the conversions won’t budge no matter how hard you try. The change between both these scenarios is the SEO company you hire. With many people going online to buy or get more information, you cannot compromise on SEO.

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There are so many local SEO services in Austin that promise immediate outcomes and placements in the top search engine results. But such kind of long promises won’t stay long. If you want your business to be relevant for many years to come, then you need to invest in a good Austin SEO company.

Why Should Your Austin SEO Company That Stand Out from the Rest?

With competitors cropping up in every nook and corner of Austin, it’s vital more than ever to stand out. If you want your business to be seen in a better light from the rest of the competition, then you need similar Austin SEO services. Here are the top reasons why your Austin SEO company should be different.

1. Offers Gradual and Steady Improvement

If companies are promising overnight transformation or sudden increase to the first page on Google search results, then beware of it. SEO is a gradual process that takes a lot of time to lay down the base, prove the worthiness to Google and get a good spot on the top of search results.

There is no way any service can shoot up your search result from number 41 to number 3 within a day or even a week. If such sudden increase happens, then be advised that it won’t last long.

A reliable Austin SEO company will take time to understand your business, create multiple SEO strategies to improve your website from different facets. This approach will help you to get a steady climb on the search engine results for the many years to come.

2. Optimize Content for Local Searches

If you are a local business or if your customers can be split into localized areas, then local SEO is of great importance. A lot of us pick up our smartphones to quickly find the nearest ATM, fuel station, plumbers, tailors, boutiques and many other services. With so many users using Google local search, your business should be discoverable easily.

The right local SEO services in Austin provider will not only work for the search engine but also optimize your local search content for better conversions. In a survey by Uberall on ‘Near Me Shopping Report’, it is found that 82% of smartphone owners have conducted a ‘near me’ search. Also, when compared to the other localized searches, ‘near me’ searches have a high margin.

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From the year 2015 to 2017 alone, the ‘near me’ searches have increased by around a whopping 900%! With so many users accessing the local ‘near me’ searches, your SEO company should also branch out from the conventional practices to include such best practices for local SEO.

3. Ability to Give You a Reality Check

Sometimes, we may have high dreams that wouldn’t be possible and the SEO company should be the one to explain it to you. Don’t look for someone who nods their head to everything you say. You need someone who agrees with you when it’s possible and tells it straight to your face when it is not.

Especially if you are a new business, then SEO can be all the more difficult. Not many websites are able to reach the top ten results in the search engines. If your website is two years old or even less, then it’s tough to reach the first page of Google results.

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When you talk about such high hopes, the SEO company should sit you down and tell you the difficulties in achieving your goals to make sure that you don’t base your entire business strategy depending on these results.

4. Proven Background Through Their Own Services

Do you see an SEO company that calls your attention and looks refreshing than the many others? In the highly competitive business of SEO, if a company is grabbing your attention, it shows its potential. Such an SEO company has proven successful in projecting its business different from the rest and attracting the customers through branding.

If an SEO company isn’t able to do it for themselves, then how can they for you? 

It’s a good start to look for Austin SEO services that stand out from the rest to make sure that they have the practical expertise to understand and implement required strategies to get your business to the top.

5. Consistent Work over a Long Time

As we saw earlier, SEO is not a one-time thing. With more and more new inclusions and adjustments customized to the ideal users, your search engine ranking will advance. In such times, it’s crucial more than ever for the Austin SEO company to be regular and sincere. They should create new landing pages, new blogs and include high-quality images wherever needed to supplement the context.

It’s not just sufficient to keep creating new content. The old content should also be polished according to the latest trends and the entire content on your website should be relevant. Did you know that republishing the updated past blogs can increase your organic traffic by 111%?

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To work on existing blogs, including relevant images wherever needed and optimizing blogs for search engines, the SEO company should dedicate themselves regularly to create a long-term SEO strategy to reach the top positions on search engines.

If you are looking for such a reliable and experienced Austin SEO company, then don’t look more than YellowFin Digital. We are different from the rest with our one-to-one sessions, in-depth research of your business, practical and comprehensive SEO plans and long-term strategies to deliver maximum visibility. Contact us to know how we can make a difference.