Are you seeking clients for your law firm?

SEO for law firms is possibly the most powerful way to attract new clients to your law firm

Oftentimes we find that many law firms have clients that can’t find their website. Most internet users don’t go past first page of the results on Google, so if your website is showing up on the second or third page or is lagging even more, clients aren’t likely to find you. This is where SEO can help your law firm.

Whether you are practicing I n a small town or a metro area, you know the importance of the higher rankings. SEO is a process that can increase your visibility in local search results and put your work in front of the clients who are actively looking for your services.

Before getting into our law firm SEO tips, let’s look over the basics of SEO.

In today’s digital market, optimizing your online appearance is significant. So, how can you ensure you’re performing in the search results and converting online users into clients? That’s where we come in as the experts in making sure you are visible in relevant Google searches.

Why is SEO important for law firms?

The days are gone to find professional service providers in newspapers or any other advertising magazines. In today’s digital world, the preponderance of searches are done online.

Here are some local search stats according to Google:

  • 96% of people use search engines for legal advice
  • 74% of clients visit a law firm’s website to take action
  • 62% of legal searches are non-branded
  • 72% of people querying legal help to contact one attorney

How is On-site SEO helpful for your law firms?

It helps optimize your website and improves user experience, driving more relevant search engine traffic.

Factors that help to improve on-site SEO:

  • Your website must be well-organized so it will be easily crawled by search engines looking for specific law firm phrases and keywords.
  • Use the keywords that concern the area of law you practice, such as your geographical location and the services your firm offers.
  • Include links to other sites within your content so those websites will notice you and send the signal to search engines that your site is a useful resource for specific topics.

There are many SEO strategies for your law firm. Our experts serve result-driven and highly measurable services that attract quality leads.

How Off-site SEO works for law firms?

It focuses on the enhancement of your firm’s digital authority and the parts outside your own website, such as social media like Facebook, yelp, youtube, and much more.

The main thing to improve your off-site SEO is quality link building. Building a number of backlinks that are pointing to your site.

Three tips to improve off-site SEO:

  • Give valuable and informative content that is helpful to clients.
  • Promote and share your content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and etc.
  • Invite guests for guest postings on your website about areas of practice that your firm may be less familiar with.

Starting with the understanding of basic marketing of the website for your law firm, to raise the number of clients searching for your legal services, you have to take some steps.

Let’s get started with the SEO tips for law firms.

Target Specialized keywords

To target specialized keywords is an important strategy that helps in search results for specific searches by potential clients. “Specialized keywords” means focusing on various keyword suggestions that include:

Location-specific keywords: With so many chances of using mobile devices and other portable devices that work with geographical location. Those “near me” and other location-specific searches can be powerful to drive the web traffic.

Practice area related keywords: People won’t simply look for lawyers in Google. They are mostly looking for a specific lawyer like a divorce lawyer, an estate lawyer, etc. in a range of particular areas. Ensure you’re targeting keywords that are focused on your specialization. Potential clients search using some transactional terms that include phrases like:

  • Real Estate Law Firms
  • Civil Rights Law Firms
  • Criminal defense lawyer
  • Hire DUI lawyer
  • Family Law Mediation

 “So as far as we know, people mostly look for the specific location, so doing something like adding “near me”  phrase as a title of your pages on your site probably makes sense because people would try to figure out what is actually near them.”

“So in order to figure out suitably, obviously set your address on your website and to mark that up with structured data so that the users will understand where your location is.”

John Mueller

Manage Law hubs

A law hub means a collection of the content for every law practice in a specific area. On these pages, you should create and share the articles that answer the common questions, provide the information that will be helpful to solve the client’s problem. Well-maintained law hubs bring potential results as widely shared and viewed as trustworthy resources that drive more traffic to your website.

Innovative Long-form Content

It may take time to write the long creative content, but it raises your chances to rank higher in search results. Make sure that it covers the specific topic with all the useful information that will capture users searching for that info and direct them to your site. Long-form content will establish your firm as an authority in that area.

Get more reviews

Reviews are one of the most important factor in search results as it helps you rank higher in SERPs. Reviews are consistently at the top of factors that affect Google My Business search rankings.

Here are some suggestions for a prosperous review campaign:

Provide a template

Not everyone is familiar with how to put a review on leading platforms. Provide a template that makes it easy to leave a review.

Ask your clients for reviews

You may get more results by asking your clients strategically for reviews. Wisely choose the times you ask for reviews (For example Just right after you have won the case)

Manageable enough, right?

More than these there are so many other steps you can follow to rank high on Google that include:

  • A well-maintained website that can be one of the largest sources of new leads.
  • A strong internal link structure that shows the content of your site is up-to-date, and make it easy to find the information.
  • Quick loading website by optimizing page speed through various techniques, reducing JavaScript, having embedded html to text ratio, including image optimization, and etc.
  • Develop a responsive website as Google considered “mobile-friendliness” as an important factor in search ranking.
  • Focus on custom web design with smooth and straightforward navigation so users can easily find what they are looking for.

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