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Winning Digital Strategy with YellowFin Digital for your Service based Business

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You Can’t Do Everything on Your Own

Jackie Svoboda is the co-owner of Luxury Landscapes in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is an up-and-coming landscaping company launched in 2018 that Jackie operates alongside her husband Ken. Together, they utilize Ken’s 40 years of landscaping experience and Jackie’s marketing experience...


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The Business Hammer

Real problems of real home services business owner solved.

Hosted by Keith Heavilin, home service business marketing expert.


No BS chat between service-based business owners

Guests chat about different ways to achieve goals. It’s not just Keith spouting a bunch of crap, it’s real service based business owners talking about real problems.


Ups and downs real owners have experienced in their business

Keith runs multiple businesses so even making this podcast takes real discipline to set aside the time to do it. But now his businesses run on autopilot. He and his guests can help you achieve this too.


Action items you can do today to help your business grow

A short, 20 minute episode of The Business Hammer can change not only your business, but your work/life balance.

We’re looking for guests for The Business Hammer!

  • Have you grown a successful service based business?
  • Have you failed at business and want to share how you overcame?
  • Do you have tips other business owners can learn from?
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Keith Heavilin

Fellow service based business owner and marketing expert.

Improve sales & conversions

Figure out why you are not getting any leads

Increase the number of customers

Keith built his marketing company, YellowFin Digital, because he needed help advertising for businesses that he and his wife owned. When he couldn’t find a company that wasn’t just out to take his money, he built his own! Once they had it up and going they realized that they were REALLY good at getting leads for service businesses!

FREE 30-Minutes Consultation

Not sure what your business needs? Chat with Keith! This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s a FREE 30-minute consultation to identify the pain points in your business. 30 minutes with Keith to chat about what you are struggling with in your business right now. Sure we offer online marketing services, but that’s not what this is about. Keith wants to see as many service based businesses grow their ROI like he did with Flip Flop Handyman and Wisp Lashes

  • Improve Sales and Conversions
  • Grow ROI
  • Spend Marketing Dollars Wisely
  • How to Scale your Business