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Ecommerce Elite Melodie van der Baan shares her insights into fashion turns, navigating inventory post-Covid, and more expert...

Melodie van der Baan

Don’t Be Afraid To Try


Ecommerce Elite Melodie van der Baan shares her insights into fashion turns, navigating inventory post-Covid, and more expert advice. A self-declared, “lover of the fashion industry,” Melodie’s work as a retailer gave her an insight into some of the woes...

David Ramsey Podcast

Be Real and Be Yourself


Featuring David Ramsay of Gator Gripp Passion for a product can propel a business forward, and David Ramsay of Gator Gripp Racks has that contagious excitement to see progress. In this episode of the Ecommerce Elite podcast, David tells us...

McLanahlan - Work with Grit and Grace Podcast

Work With Grace and Grit


Featuring Holly McLanahan of the Vintage Leopard Boutique Combine a hefty dose of passion and grit, and you just might have what it takes to start an enormously successful online business like the Vintage Leopard Boutique. In this episode of...

Duncan Alney - Podcast Episode

Put People First, and Be Human in Social Media


Featuring Duncan Alney of Firebelly Marketing In this episode, social media guru Duncan Alney and I discuss social media strategy and best practices. Duncan has been doing social media marketing since 2007, so he has forgotten more about this topic...

Be Willing To Bet on Yourself_Side Hustles

Be Willing To Bet On Yourself


For those looking to start a side hustle, E-commerce Elite experts Keith and DeeAnna Heavilin give us an in-depth look at what it really takes. 2020 has been an especially wild year for many business owners, and at YellowFin Digital...

1911 Apparel

Passion Can Drive You


Featuring Darren and Jacob of 1911 Apparel In this episode I caught up with the owners of 1911 Apparel, Darren and Jacob. Their story began as high school best friends, though they later would take different paths in their lives....

Natalie Monaco

Jump In and Learn


Featuring Natalie Monaco of Covermade Bedding   In this episode of the podcast, we meet Natalie: a “frustrated consumer turned entrepreneur” who has created a successful brand out of a nagging need she sought to fill. Based out of Ohio,...

Alison Grooms_Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark


Featuring Alison Grooms of Jules and James Boutique In this episode we meet Alison Grooms, the owner of Jules and James Boutique. Alison first made her business mark by selling monogram and sewing services on Etsy. With a focus on...

Face Change With Style and Grace


Featuring DeeAnna Heavilin of Wisp Lashes In this episode, I had the privilege to speak with my amazing wife DeAnna Heavilin, owner of Wisp Lashes. Wisp Lashes offers high end individual lash extensions, facial waxing, brow design and more. DeeAnna’s...

Ally Robertson - Kringle Krate

Give Yourself Every Opportunity


Featuring Abby Robertson of Kringle Krate While some business ventures take years of ideation and planning before things get rolling, Abby found her e-commerce path as a happy accident. The Kringle Krate story begins with a Christmas Eve activity box...

Megan Dahle

Work From the Heart


Featuring Megan Dahle of Discount Catholic Products and Megan Dahle.com   Before branching out into the world of e-commerce, Megan’s expertise was her as a virtual CFO for small businesses. She uses her gift for teaching and knowledge to dive...

Make the Best of a Trial


Featuring Jeremy Jacobs of Raise Bakery In this episode, I enjoyed discussing the experiences of Jeremy Jacobs, owner and founder of Raise Bakery in Brighton, England. Jeremy initially began his business for his mother, but it gained more meaning to...

Flaunt Boutique

Comparison is the Thief of Joy


E-Commerce Elite Podcast: Featuring Autumn and Laura of Flaunt Boutique In this episode, we hear from the co-owners of Flaunt Boutique: Autumn and Laura. This dream-team started their successful e-commerce shop in 2012 out of their college dorm room. One...

Podcast Episode Find What You Have Passion For

Find What You Have Passion For


E-Commerce Elite Podcast: Featuring Bev Schweigert of Blessed Be Boutique In this episode we get to hear from Bev Schweigert, owner of Blessed Be Boutique. Bev’s boutique initially began as a way to fund her mission trips. Bev’s faith-centered online...

Follow Your Dreams Podcast

Follow Your Dreams


E-Commerce Elite Podcast: Featuring Katie Iverson of Designer Arm Candy In this episode I spoke with Katie Iverson, the owner of Designer Arm Candy. Katie has always had a love of designer handbags, and has turned that love into her...

Candice Evangeline Rose Swimwear

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst


E-Commerce Elite Podcast: Featuring Candice of Evangeline Rose Swimwear In this episode, I met with Candice Evangeline of Evangeline Rose Swimwear to discuss her insights on e-commerce and the product manufacturing game. Candice got her start into swimwear because she...

eCommerce Elite Podcast Episode 2

Be Ready for the Long Game


E-Commerce Elite Podcast: Featuring Jill Tanner In this episode I talked with a good friend of mine, Jill Tanner. She is the owner of Southern Honey Boutique, which comprises two brick-and-mortar storefronts as well as an online store and warehouse–...

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help


E-Commerce Elite Podcast: Featuring Ally Turpin In this episode we meet Ally Turpen, the owner of Pin It Co. A charming boutique with a small-town Georgia feel, Pin It Co entails a storefront and a warehouse fronted by an online...