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Trusting a marketing agency to tell your business’ story is a big deal! So we figured we should tell you ours, too...

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About Us
Who We Are

We handle digital; you handle the rest.

We are small business owners and entrepreneurs…just like you. Founded by “serial entrepreneur” Keith Heavilin, YellowFin Digital started as a passion project side-gig and has grown into an award-winning digital marketing agency helping small businesses across the country set their goals high and get their revenue higher.

As a small business owner himself, Keith had a series of bad experiences with digital marketing agencies that left him feeling like small businesses were not being as valued or serviced as “the big guys.” When working with these agencies, time and time again he experienced a serious lack of communication and flexibility that troubled him deeply. Rigid mindsets and one-size-fits-all strategies revealed a lack of creativity and left Keith with a digital marketing plan that felt worlds apart from his business’ brand and individual needs.

He needed a digital marketing agency that worked with his business, and he figured he wasn’t the only one.

This is why Keith founded YellowFin. And he founded it on the core values of flexibility and communication.

He knew first-hand that these were two necessities in the small business arsenal. For small business owners, no two days are ever the same. Successful small businesses adapt to the unpredictable, welcome change, and develop new business practices quickly. And they need a digital marketing team who does, too.

With ever-changing game plans comes a need for 100% transparent and timely communication of needs, expectations, and goals. Clear expectations keep everyone on the same page, maximizing productivity and potential.

After several years of servicing other small businesses with their digital marketing needs, Keith made the leap in 2017 to launch a full-blown, cutting edge digital services business that now offers everything from creative web design, to digital and social media marketing, to mobile app development and SEO services. Today YellowFin works with a wide range of small businesses and online boutiques to enhance their digital marketing and take their business to the next level…with flexibility and exemplary communication at every turn.

That’s the YellowFin way.

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Our Core Values

Excellent Communication

Why Choose Us

We built YellowFin to help small businesses stand out amongst their competition by leveraging the digital marketing tools of today. Digital marketing enables us to track your advertising results and make strategic decisions based on data instead of “gut feelings.” We are dedicated to maximizing your advertising dollars, working ceaselessly to grow your business and your returns.

Award Winning Professionals
Next Level Customer Service
Unrivaled Communication
Unimaginable Response time

Contact us if you are ready to take full advantage of the digital marketing arsenal available to you with YellowFin Digital.

What Our Clients Say

When we were getting our business together we had a thousand things to worry about and the logo and website were two of the things we knew were the most important, but didn’t know how to do it ourselves. We contacted YellowFin and they put together a custom WordPress website for us in only 5 weeks that educates clients, promotes our work and most importantly, allows customers to book appointments online. The website is perfect!

Jill T

YellowFin is AMAZING! They are agile with their project management and great with communications. We have used them many times to help our Social Media clients. They consistently deliver on time, on budget and always exceed our expectations!

Duncan Alney

YellowFin Digital helped us out in a pinch. We were so busy taking care of our customers that we needed help rebranding our own site. They knocked it out of the park and faster than expected!

Steve W

When I first came to Corpus Christi AutoPlex, digital marketing was the last thing we thought about. We have a great location and we hoped people would come in. When the market started to change, we realized we needed to take a more proactive approach to driving people to our store. We partnered with YellowFin Digital to do a website and logo makeover. Our new website is amazing! Most of our customers visit our site from a mobile devise and our WordPress CMS website allows them to easily view our inventory and apply online thanks to it being mobile responsive. We can now approve a customer before they ever visit the store. I don’t know how we ever did business before!

James C
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