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We handle digital; you handle the rest.

Hello and thanks for visiting the YellowFin Digital website! I am Keith Heavilin, the Founder and President of YellowFin Digital, and I am a serial entrepreneur. As the owner of multiple small businesses over the years, I have been the client of several digital marketing agencies. My biggest concerns when it came to those agencies properly servicing my companies were always the same: a serious lack of communication and flexibility.

When it comes to communication, one of the goals for my companies, no matter the industry, has always been to manage and meet the expectations of my clients and employees. When people don’t know what to expect, they can feel lost, get frustrated or even mad. Without outstanding communication, it’s nearly impossible to stay on the same page and properly meet anyone’s expectations.

As for flexibility, running a small business can sometimes be a bit like jumping on the back of a bucking bronco: you never know where it’s going to turn or what’s coming next. Because of the twists and turns, small business owners must be extremely flexible to overcome the many obstacles that come our way. It’s not like we small business owners like changing things. But if a change to a business practice is necessary to move forward, then the health of your business may depend on your ability to adjust quickly. So, working with a digital marketing agency that is rigid and incapable of working with you to find the right solutions for your unique company can be extremely stressful and trying.

In fact, I am so passionate about the need for outstanding communication and flexibility, you’ll find them in Yellowfin Digital’s core values.

It was this frustration with the lack of communication and flexibility that I encountered when dealing with other digital agencies that led me to “dabble” in some digital marketing services to grow my own business. As I gained a grasp on how things work in the digital arena, I started networking and making contacts with technology experts who are much better than I at their respective specialties. I knew potential clients who were also hungry for better digital services. So, digital marketing services turned into one of my “side businesses”. In late 2017, I decided it was time to make the jump and launch a full blown cutting-edge digital services business. One that excels at creative website design, superior digital and social media marketing, brilliant mobile application development and out of this world SEO – with an emphasis on outstanding communication and flexibility.

This is how YellowFin Digital was born.

We handle digital; you handle the rest.

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Our Core Values

Excellent Communication

Why Choose Us

YellowFin was created to give every business the opportunity to level the playing field and dominate their competition by taking advantage of the digital marketing tools available on the internet today.

We encourage our customers to put their advertising dollars into digital marketing where we can track results and make decisions based on the data we have instead of a gut feeling about whether your traditional media advertising is working like it needs to.

Award Winning Professionals
Next Level Customer Service
Unrivaled Communication
Unimaginable Response time

Contact us if you are ready to take full advantage of the digital marketing arsenal available to you with YellowFin Digital.

Client's Saying

When we were getting our business together we had a thousand things to worry about and the logo and website were two of the things we knew were the most important, but didn’t know how to do it ourselves. We contacted YellowFin and they put together a custom WordPress website for us in only 5 weeks that educates clients, promotes our work and most importantly, allows customers to book appointments online. The website is perfect!

Jill T

YellowFin was amazing when it came time to redesign our website and logo. We had an idea of what we wanted but needed someone who could make it happen. They took our idea and ran with it. The end product was even better than we had imagined it would be. We love working with YellowFin and will continue to use them for future digital needs.

Emily F

YellowFin Digital helped us out in a pinch. We were so busy taking care of our customers that we needed help rebranding our own site. They knocked it out of the park and faster than expected!

Steve W

When I first came to Corpus Christi AutoPlex, digital marketing was the last thing we thought about. We have a great location and we hoped people would come in. When the market started to change, we realized we needed to take a more proactive approach to driving people to our store. We partnered with YellowFin Digital to do a website and logo makeover. Our new website is amazing! Most of our customers visit our site from a mobile devise and our WordPress CMS website allows them to easily view our inventory and apply online thanks to it being mobile responsive. We can now approve a customer before they ever visit the store. I don’t know how we ever did business before!

James C
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