There are many ways to promote your brand on social media, yet there is lots of discussion around whether business owners should blog. Blogging can be time-consuming and is not for everyone, but the results for your company can be significant. Here we look at the reasons why taking the time to blog will have an immense impact on your social media following.

Build Credibility

Writing a blog gives you an opportunity to show your expertise in your niche. It is an arena for you to have an open discussion about things that are important and show what you know to the rest of the world. One element to building credibility on a blog is to post content that is believable. Don’t go for far-out stories, keep it simple and specific to a niche and show everyone that you are real, relevant and know your stuff.

If people begin to regularly follow your blog, they will be more inclined to engage with you on social media and then utilize your services or products as a customer. They will know that you are the real deal, that you have expertise, and they will like what you offer. Their relationship with you will be strengthened and they will be more likely to do business with you.

Give Value

People want a reason to take the time to read a blog. It needs to have something in it for them, something that is going to help them or make their life better in some way. It doesn’t need to be long; 500 words is perfect to have a short, opinionated discussion about one topic and give your readers value. If it goes much more than this you run the risk of them not reading it all, so look to see whether it can be broken into two or more separate blog posts.

Ultimately, everything you do as a business owner should be about helping your customers (or potential customers). A blog is an easy way to do this. If you offer your fans free information or advice consistently, they are more likely to engage your company’s products or services down the track because they trust you.

Build Brand Awareness

Writing a blog will do wonders for your brand awareness, which means more people will discover your company and be likely to do business with you. This will increase the engagement rate as well. A blog offers you great opportunities to partner with other brands (those that complement your own) and reach a wider fan base. You can start conversations that reach far beyond your small social media following. Google also likes those sites that have blogs, particularly those that are regularly updated. Writing regularly will not only show your authority in the industry but will help you rank higher and higher in google searches. If you can, naturally use keywords in your blog posts that will help your content be found in Google searches, to reach a wider audience of people looking for your services.

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