Every business owner or social media poster thinks their content is the best, unique and has the most to offer, and often get disheartened when people don’t read with it or agree with it. Having your content read, and enjoyed, by people is the key to online success, and we have 5 techniques that you can use to get your content read by your audience.

Know Your Topic

The online world can be harsh and critical; they are willing to give their opinion and bring down those who have a different one to them. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is something to be aware of. To combat those people, make sure that you know your topic well and have a grounding for your opinion/content. Is it based on facts or opinion? Where did you get those facts and what is your opinion based on? Being able to support yourself if people criticize you if key to getting people to listen.
Additionally, people won’t read your content for long if you do not know what you are talking about. Know your stuff, be the expert and people will flock to you in masses.


This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people post content online that has not been edited properly, or that has not seen a second set of eyes. Unless you are an English teacher, or someone in a writing career, it is best to have your work edited and read over by someone else. Obvious spelling mistakes are a big no-no, and the wrong use of punctuation can hinder the content for the reader to follow.
Never post your content immediately after writing it. Write it, leave it at least 12-24 hours, and then come back to it. Read it over with fresh eyes and you will likely pick up mistakes, or change content to be better.

Give Value

People read content online for mainly one reason: to learn something new. They do not want to read about your business, how well it is doing or why you need sales. They want to know how you can help them; what can you do for them? Your content should give them something; information, advice – something that they can take away and make their life easier or better. Make it about them and they will keep coming back to you for more (and eventually this will lead to sales if it is your goal).

Be Catchy!

Nobody wants to read a boring piece of writing. Create a headline that captivates people. No more than 12 words, inform the reader of exactly what they will get if they read it and use an emotional angle to draw them in. One trick is to make it controversial; can you disagree with popular opinion or provide more information on a current trend? This is likely to draw in a bigger audience, one that will make comments which drives the article’s online visibility for you. As always, be willing to support your claims!

Be Relevant

Your content needs to be relevant. If it is not, why should people read it? Tie your topics into current trends, popular people and current events. Some writers go as far as seeing which keywords are being searched the most for the week and writing based on those – this can drive loads of traffic to your site for free. You have to give your audience something of use to them, or they won’t read it, let alone share it with their friends.

Where To Go From Here?

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