Podcasts are proven to increase engagement. A well-structured podcast is an efficient form of communication where ideas are shared across a channel. It is also one way of building relationships with the audience.

Entrepreneurs, influencers, corporates, writers, marketers, business owners, and social activists have all jumped excitedly into the new trend.

In a nutshell, podcasts are here to stay. 

How so, you ask? Well, with a library of user-generated content online, there’s a need for raw, conversational, casual, and informal but informative talks that are easy to consume.

In this blog, our marketing experts from our Dallas digital marketing company will explain why podcasts are important and how you can leverage them for your business.

How Can Podcasting Help Your Business?

The media opportunities and forms are growing rapidly than ever. And now podcasts have become a part of a huge percentage of the market. In fact, 57% of Americans have listened to a podcast, a 29.5% increase from 2018.

How Can Podcasting Help Your Business?

Recently, there are independent, business, and collaborative podcasts that have spiked up the interest of the listeners. So, if you have a business, podcasts are a great marketing strategy for awareness and conversion.

YellowFin Digital is a well-known Dallas digital SEO company that offers specialized SEO  and marketing services for startups and SMBs. Our digital marketing experts have helped many of our clients start and manage podcasts while improving their audience base. 

Our experts here in Dallas digital marketing agency have listed out why podcasting can be an added advantage to your business and how to leverage it.

  • Build a Personal Connection with the Audience

While you may have numerous blogs and articles published on your website and regular social media posts, podcasts are more personal and relevant.

This social networking strategy allows the hosts to engage with their audience thus, creating a winning relatable atmosphere. 

In Podcasts, you can communicate with your audience just like how you speak to a friend. People can get interested in how you speak, by the stories you describe, and the information you provide. This portable means of communication can help you build rapport and establish a connection with your consumers.

Podcasting gives you so much freedom about how you want to effectively approach your audience.

  • Improve Your Brand Awareness

Since it’s not easy to gain traction by competing for the eyes and ears of the audience, participating in other people’s podcasts could be a great idea.

You can guest speak in other people’s podcasts, reach out to that audience, and let them know about your business. 

  • Reach Even the Busiest of Your Audience

Let’s face it. A lot of us are too busy to sit down and read a 4000-word blog. 

The people that you would want to reach, may not have either the luxury of time or the interest to learn more about your business.

That is why podcasts are a breath of fresh air because they are quick to consume.

Since podcasts are portable, your audience can listen to it wherever and whenever. In fact, the heaviest podcast listeners are most engaged when they’re away from home.

Reach Even the Busiest of Your Audience

Statistics show that most of the heavy users are active when they’re in transit, at work, in the gym, and other places. 

Podcasts come handy even for the busiest audience. 

  • Repurpose Your Podcasts Into Multiple Marketing Materials

Repurposing your podcasts across multiple platforms can improve your company’s exposure. 

Here are some ways on how use to maximize your podcast:

  • Convert your podcast into a tweet thread and link back to it. 
  • Cut a short one-minute brief and publish it on Facebook and Instagram Stories with a link to your business page or podcast. 
  • Expand more on the podcast and publish an onsite blog. 

There are so many different ways to repurpose your ideas from podcasts so you can reach a much wider audience.

Key Takeaways

Here are ways on how to grow your business by utilizing and maximizing podcasts.

  1. Develop a personal connection with your audience and reach a wider audience by appearing as guests in other podcasts.
  2. You can reach those groups who don’t have the time to engage with your other brand content.
  3. You can repurpose your podcasts across multiple platforms and leverage these ideas to expand and create a loop back to your business.