Navigating the world of social media can be daunting, to say the least. You have built your pages and got a few fans, and you get a few likes on your posts. But you want more. Gaining attention in the social media realm can be tricky, purely because there is so much other noise happening the at same time. Here are 3 simple SEO strategy to help you draw attention to your brand, without costing you anymore time or money.

Be Conversational

Social media is all about being social. Stop posting content that relates to your brand’s services or products, and start joining conversations that are happening around you. Understand what hot topics are being discussed and join in. Ask your fans questions or share posts from other brands. For your brand to be seen by more people, your fans need to like and share the content that you show them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your own original content, it just needs to get them talking. Join the popular conversations and see how many people interact with your post.

Don’t be scared to post an unpopular opinion on a topic either. They are great for conversation starters!

Remember, too, to make your posts about your audience (or intended audience) and not about yourself. The more you make it about them, the more they will join your conversation.

Post Relevant Content

Having content that is relevant to your fans can be tricky. You might think that everything you post is relevant to them, but it isn’t. If you can find out what it is that your fans are interested in, or maybe a problem they need solving, you should create content that solves that problem or piques their interest. By doing this, they are more likely to like, share or comment on your post, which means more people will see it. Discover what your fans need and be the one to give it to them. Alternatively, create content around current social trends or political/worldwide events of the week. The discussion around this will already be big and people are sure to have an opinion they want to share as a comment on your post.

Short, Sharp, Shiny Videos

Social Media users love videos. It is much easier than reading lengthy text and engages the brain visually. But, to make it more appealing, include these two elements: short and helpful. Keep the video short (under a minute is best) and make it concise (straight to the point). It also needs to be useful; something your fans can take away and use immediately to make their lives a little easier. Best examples of these are the recipe videos (currently all over Facebook). They are short, give all of the information and provide a visual effect. It doesn’t need to be expertly created or edited, just valuable and useful to your fans.

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