Currently the most valuable form of online advertising is Content Marketing, and if your company is not participating, you are leaving money on the table! Content Marketing is the process by which you market your brand or company through the creation, and distribution, of content, rather than direct selling advertisements. It is the way society communicates now and there is so much to consider. So what things can we do to make it more successful?

content marketing

Customer Input to Content

One thing that makes your content social, and people driven, is the inclusion of others in it. For example: interviewing customers, having them write a review of your business, asking them what they want to know more about (and then giving them the answer) – the possibilities are endless.

And so are the implications for your business! No longer is your business seen as a one-way street of information; it is engaging its audience and catering to their needs. What better way to meet the needs of potential customers and make your business the forefront of their buying actions? By asking them what it is they want, you do not waste your time and money creating content that is of little to no relevance to them. You can reach them on a whole new level that will (hopefully) drive them to become customers.

Get Visual

In 2017, it is all about getting seen. People, for the most part, are visual learners; they learn new things by watching and looking. For your business and content marketing strategy, this means images and videos to showcase your brand and deliver your content. In some instances, yes, emails and text-driven posts are still important and provide your audience with valuable information. But to really grab their attention? Go for something they can see in an instant that does not require too much brain capacity.

As we mentioned, getting your customers input for your content is an effective marketing strategy. Now put that into a video or infographic. Do customers want to know how to use your Kitchen Whizz 2.0? Create and share a video that shows them the fun things they can do with it. Do they ask what the benefits of your outdoor blinds over someone else’s are? Create an infographic that explains it simply and quickly – so the information stares them in the face. Don’t bore them with word-heavy pieces that require them to concentrate – give them short bursts of fun information that provide value and meaning – they will love it, and so will your bottom line!


Snapchat appears to be increasingly on the rise in popularity, and it can do wonders for your business. Based on the premise of visuals Snapchat allows people (and businesses) to post quickly to a wide audience of followers – again in a very visual format. Using Snapchat will enhance your visual media strategy. It is a game changer for your content marketing because you do not always have to think too hard about what to post – you just do it.

Snapchat is particularly helpful for content marketing for those companies who have employees or a workplace because people within the business can take pictures or quick videos and upload them instantly. One of your baristas nail a new design in the coffee froth? Photograph it and upload it. Got a new piece of equipment that is going to provide something great for your product line? Video it doing its thing and upload it. Your followers will see it instantly and engage, with the click of a button. Snapchat appears here to stay – so get your business on the bandwagon and make the most of it!

Where to From Here?

Not sure how to get started? YellowFin Digital, a digital marketing agency in South Texas, has everything you need to get started on these game-changing content marketing strategies. Contact us today and see how your business can get to the next level.