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About the Company

Nestled in the heart of East Tennessee, this family-owned foundation repair business has distinguished itself in a sector often marred by unreliability. For years, they’ve not only promised but delivered top-notch services, all backed by robust warranties and offered at competitive prices. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity fostered a glowing reputation, setting them apart as industry leaders in creating secure and stable homes.

The Challenge

Despite their success, the evolving landscape of marketing posed a new challenge. Traditionally relying on word-of-mouth, flyers, newspaper ads, and radio for over a decade, they witnessed a gradual decline in revenue as digital advertising became the new norm. An initial attempt to navigate the digital space with a local agency fell short of expectations, highlighting the need for a more impactful strategy to connect with modern customers and rejuvenate their business growth.

The Solutions

The partnership with YellowFin Digital marked a pivotal shift. Recognizing the potential of a robust online presence, YellowFin embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation for the company. This encompassed launching a new website and optimizing their Google My Business listing to ensure they stood out in online searches. At the strategy’s core was a focused Google Ads campaign, supported by a custom WordPress landing page. This page was meticulously designed to drive conversions, featuring compelling Calls to Action (CTA) that encouraged visitors to engage directly via phone or through form submissions, catering to the varied preferences of potential clients.

The Result

The outcome was nothing short of revolutionary. The meticulously crafted digital marketing strategy unleashed a torrent of leads, inundating the company with inquiries and bookings. Such was the volume of leads that the business strategically dialed back its ad spend to manage the influx without compromising its hallmark customer service. The initial skepticism about digital advertising’s efficacy was swiftly dispelled as the numbers spoke volumes:

– A significant reduction in Cost Per Click by 8.27%,

– A marked decrease in Cost per Conversion by 28.03%,

– An explosive increase in Conversions by 442%,

– And an impressive surge in Phone Calls by 256%.

This venture not only solidified their online presence but also dramatically amplified their reach, connecting them with a broader audience actively seeking their expert services. The strategic pivot to digital advertising, spearheaded by YellowFin Digital’s expertise, not only navigated the company through the challenges of modern marketing but also propelled them to unprecedented growth, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

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