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About Flip Flop Handyman

Flip Flop Handyman, a Corpus Christi, TX-based home repair service, excels in delivering timely and reliable solutions for a range of home improvement needs. From light plumbing and electrical to general carpentry and seasonal services like Christmas light installation, their commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction has made them a go-to choice in their community.

The Challenge

As a burgeoning service provider, Flip Flop Handyman found themselves ensnared in the common predicament of balancing job execution with business expansion. While word-of-mouth referrals contributed to steady growth, the pace was not aligned with their ambitions for rapid scaling.

The Solutions

Recognizing the limitations of growth without a solid digital footprint, YellowFin Digital sprang into action by crafting a high-converting landing page to kickstart their online journey. Simultaneously, efforts were directed towards developing a comprehensive website that mirrored the brand’s identity, paving the way for SEO enhancements and local Google My Business optimization. This dual approach aimed to establish a strong digital presence and drive targeted traffic through PPC ads.

The Result

The strategic digital marketing initiatives spearheaded by YellowFin Digital catalyzed unprecedented growth for Flip Flop Handyman:

  • Cost Per Click: Maintained at an efficient $11.21, optimizing ad spend.
  • Conversion Rate: Soared to 18%, indicating high-quality lead generation.
  • First Year Sales: Surpassed expectations with $500k+, highlighting the business’s explosive growth.
  • ROI: Achieved an astounding 1439%, underscoring the immense return on their digital marketing investment.

Within just six months, Flip Flop Handyman expanded its team by hiring 5 additional employees to manage a sixfold increase in business volume. This remarkable journey from a new entrant to a booming business underscores the transformative impact of embracing digital marketing, setting Flip Flop Handyman on a trajectory of continued success and expansion.

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