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About the Company

A local, father and son-owned plumbing business specializing in residential plumbing installations and repairs, which the father founded, the company took off when the son came on board and worked his way through the ranks. They had found their niche in partnering with builders and working installations on new home builds.

The Challenge

Leveraging our expertise in service-based industries like plumbing, we were confident in generating substantial leads via Google. The first order of business was revamping their digital presence. Recognizing the urgency, we crafted a custom WordPress landing page to funnel our leads, designed for maximum appeal and conversion efficiency with a sleek, professional appearance and compelling Call to Action.

The Solutions

The strategic overhaul delivered immediate and impactful results:

– Cost Per Click decreased by 10.68%, making each advertising dollar stretch further.

– Cost per Conversion saw a significant reduction of 23.16%, indicating more cost-effective lead acquisition.

– Conversions skyrocketed with an additional 380, a testament to the campaign’s effectiveness in engaging potential clients.

– Phone Calls to the business surged by 261%, indicating increased customer action and interest.

This dynamic pivot preserved numerous jobs and laid the groundwork for sustainable growth. The successful campaign and the newly developed landing page became the lifeline for the business, ensuring a steady influx of repair and maintenance work until the resurgence of new home builds. This period of adaptation not only saved the business during a downturn but also positioned it for future expansion, highlighting the resilience and adaptability of the company.

The Result

The transformation was immediate and profound:

– The ad spend of $39,695.78 was strategically leveraged to achieve an impressive Cost Per Order of $4.71.

– This investment catalyzed a staggering revenue of $514,877.00, translating to an unheard of Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 12.97!

The boutique’s sales trajectory saw an immediate uptick, with the comprehensive use of Social Ads alongside an array of Google Advertising tools fueling consistent double-digit ROAS month after month. This not only underscored the effectiveness of a unified digital advertising strategy but also marked a significant milestone in Paisley Grace Boutique’s journey, positioning them as a formidable player in the plus-sized women’s fashion market.

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