Why Digital Marketing Fails (And What To Do About It)

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Why Digital Marketing Fails (And What To Do About It)

‘Digital marketing doesn’t work,’ says the people who don’t do it right.

As digital marketing experts who have worked on hundreds of projects and helped numerous companies down the line succeed, we can say for sure that digital marketing works.

But what about those who say that it doesn’t?

Well, digital marketing strategies can fail when there are too many mistakes happening.

In this blog, our experts cover some of the most common digital marketing mistakes that can lead to failure and how to prevent them.

5 Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Digital Marketing

We’ve been getting many such questions about why a specific strategy failed and why another succeeded. It’s always a clear distinction between what works and what doesn’t. And this blog will set those mistakes straight.

Mistake #1: Lack of a Clear, Written Strategy

We know that for any marketing campaign to succeed, we need to have a strategy. But what if you’re not clear on the plan?

In a Content Marketing Institute survey, almost 73% of B2C marketers don’t have a strategy, have a strategy but haven’t documented it, or are not even sure about it. 

It is shocking to see this chart that 50% of marketers who have a strategy haven’t taken the time to detail it out in words! 


Having a clear documented strategy is critical. Once you get down to the details in words, you’ll often notice the gaps or loopholes you need to look at, areas you need to improve, and points you need to focus on. Documenting the strategy clearly in words will get you one step closer to being successful.

Mistake #2: Impatient for Quick Results

Digital marketing is no magic. You won’t see immediate results the day after a strategy is executed. It’s an incremental process where your customers are targeted from multiple touchpoints and convinced to take action.

So when you’re not giving enough time for the marketing strategy to work and decide that it’s not working, then it’d be a total loss.


Give a few months to see if the strategy is working. We’ve had clients who noticed great results a year after we started executing a targeted marketing campaign. So make sure to be patient enough for at least 6 months to notice the fruits of the strategy taking shape.

Mistake #3: Failing to Consider Customers at All Stages of the Journey

This is one of the common mistakes we notice in many failed digital marketing strategies or SEO services. 

Not all of the customers will be feeling the same. Some may doubt your product, some are curious to know more, some are considering buying it, and some are almost convinced.

Based on the level at which a customer is, we can divide the customer journey into five stages.

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Retention
  • Advocacy

Many companies only focus on the first stage — awareness — and ignore the other stages. The high traffic can identify this to a landing page against a low conversion rate.


Create individual marketing strategies to convert the customer at every level. Make sure that your customers are progressing on this journey and design your strategy to appeal to the customer at a particular stage instead of a generalized approach.

Mistake #4: Targeting the Wrong Audience

It can be appalling to think that all your efforts going into the marketing strategy have been targeted at the wrong audience. But it happens when you work with an inexperienced SEO company that doesn’t have the proper experience.

Usually, targeting the wrong audience happens when you use the wrong keywords. Keywords are crucial for any organic digital marketing strategy for website SEO, AdWords keywords, social media SEO, etc. And when you pick the wrong ones to target, you may get good traffic, but they won’t convert because they aren’t the right fit.


Hire a good SEO company. Ensure enough background about the company, the SEO specialists, and the projects they’ve worked on. Take a look at the metrics and the impact their SEO strategies have made. 

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Mistake #5: Following the Wrong Metrics

Talking about analyzing the metrics, let’s take a deep dive into the mistakes we can avoid in that.

For a digital marketing strategy to succeed, you need a lot of metrics to perform well:

  • Site traffic
  • SEO ranking
  • Social sharing
  • Lead conversion rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Sales lead quality and quantity
  • Customer retention rate
  • Customer referrals

Every one of these metrics is related to one or more metrics in various ways. So, if you see one metric perform very well (say, your site traffic) but another directly related one that doesn’t perform well (say, your bounce rate), then it’s time to take a hard look at your strategy.


You need all the metrics for your business to perform well. Don’t just go by one metric and instead take a holistic view of all metrics all the time. You will make a better impact when your strategy impacts many of the critical metrics positively.

Wrapping Up

These are only a few of the marketing mistakes that can cost you your money and time. There are several more, most of which stem from the ignorance of the issues or the proper way to conduct a campaign. You can avoid such mistakes by hiring an experienced digital marketing team to assist you.