If only we had a penny for every time, someone asked us this question!

Understandably, website owners are anxious to know how long it takes to see some noticeable difference in their revenue after investing in Google AdWords.

First of all, we like to reaffirm that AdWords is one of the best ways to acquire new leads and get some good sales for your website. Many business owners, even new ones, have had considerable success through AdWords and have increased their reputation and sales.

In a recent study by WordStream, Google AdWords was found to have an average click-through rate of 3.17% across all industries. If your ad is displayed to 1000 people, around 31 people click on it. This is a good number for you to try and convert into customers or subscribers.

With the good prospect of getting valuable leads for business, no wonder many prefer Google AdWords for paid advertising. While the revenue growth or the lead count is incremental, you’d want to know how long it takes to see results with AdWords.

So, in this blog, we’ll address this main question and add some pointers to getting the best results from AdWords quickening its pace too. 

Let’s start with the big question:

How Long Does AdWords Take to Work?

Unlike what many think, you cannot get results as soon as you’ve placed the ads.

Before we give you any timeline, let’s tell you the general disclaimer — that the duration of AdWords to work can vary entirely based on business to business.

Now that we’re on the same page let us estimate how much time it takes for Google AdWords to work.

At YellowFin Digital, our AdWords experts have worked on several paid ad strategies in the past six years. Our San Antonio company has helped many small businesses and startups to generate leads and increase ROI with smart ad placement, keyword strategizing, and optimization. In our years of experience, we have found that it takes an average of 6 months for a paid ad campaign to make its mark.

While you may see some indications of the campaign working before that, you can only know for sure until a good six months has passed. In fact, for some of our clients, the result of our AdWords campaign and SEO services looks close to a year to reach its fruitfulness.

While a year seems like a long wait, you’ll start getting leads once the ads hit it off. But as we test ads, try out new techniques and finesse the audience, you’ll begin registering many more results than what you initially observed. This means that after a year of the AdWords campaign, you’ll see noticeable results that make a definite impression on your business.

It takes such a long time to see results from AdWords, majorly because it takes time to collect the data. Once we have the data and the metrics of the campaigns, we’ll modify the current ad to increase its click-through rate by:

  • Choosing the right keywords
  • Placing the right bids
  • Targeting the right audience

Can You Get Results from an AdWords Campaign in Less Time?

We know that this question has been running through your mind since you started reading this blog. So the answer is this:

Yes, it’s possible to shorten the time to get results from an AdWords campaign. While we cannot promise that these will work and make a huge difference, these tips will help you get better results. 

  • Take Time to Understand the Market

The success of an AdWords campaign hinges on the correct targeting in all aspects — the keywords, the audience, the bid, and the copy.

So when you want the agency to do the best job, you need to give them time to understand the market, your goals, the competition, and your audience.

  • Test Your Ads

One thing you need to remember with any online ad campaign is to keep modifying it to find the one that works the best. So for the agency to get accustomed, they can run a few ads to test for copy, audience, and keywords. 

With the collected data, it’ll be much easier to optimize the ads.

Fine-Tune Your Keyword List


A list of keywords isn’t the final one. When you’re running ads for six months or more, there is high chance that the target keywords may be changing. So, it would be best to talk with the agency to analyze for better keywords that fit your business precisely.

  • Analyze the Ad Results and Optimize the Ad

This is one of the main things to do to improve the performance of your ads. Check your metrics and find out why one ad works and one doesn’t. Compare the base metrics with the clicks and views to get insights into improving the ad results.

When you regularly follow these strategies with your Google AdWords campaign, you can quicken the results of your ads.

If you’re looking for a reliable agency to help you implement your Google AdWords campaign, talk to our YellowFin Digital experts. We offer San Antonio SEO services and online paid ad services. For companies located in the city, you can reach out to us to help with your San Antonio SEO and paid ad campaigns.