Grant Grabill is the Vice President of Grabill Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, a 3rd generation, family-owned business. The company was founded in 1986 and they aim to provide exceptional service and quality work to the residents of the Kansas City Metro Area.

What Percentage of Your Company is Custom-Home Build vs Service?

Grant says that his company is 60% Residential, 30% Commercial, and 10% Service. They specialize in Custom-Home Building but do provide a small variety of other services as well. 

How Many Crews Do You Have Out Daily?

Grant says that he has around 15 trucks that are out daily. They have some commercial home jobs where the employees go straight to the worksite and work in larger groups, but most jobs typically consist of two-person crews in a work truck.

How Did The Pandemic Effect Your Business?

Grant says that initially, the pandemic slowed down his business quite a bit. However, as time passed, it’s become much more consistent as people are constantly wanting to build homes. He expresses that it’s been difficult to find different products in recent but he’s trying his best to find ways around the shortages.

Has Your Business Path Stayed Consistent Throughout The Years?

Grant says that there have been many ebbs and flows with residential work. In 2007, he explains that they were having quite a bit of trouble finding work which led them to take on quite a few commercial jobs. In more recent years, the workflow has shifted and they’ve found themselves taking on a lot more residential-type jobs as opposed to commercial.

Are You Planning to Grow The Business?

Grant says that the company has the potential to grow, but currently they’re content with the workload they have. He explains that he has builders call him regularly but unfortunately he has to turn them away because he doesn’t want to stretch the company too thin. He says that the biggest thing that keeps them from growing is the lack of trucks due to supply chain issues.

What Advice Do You Have For Someone Looking to Grow Their Company?

Grant says that to be successful, you must be consistent and provide quality work to your customers. He explains that they make an extra effort to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that their clients are happy. This has gained them many consistent customers over the years.