Copywriting is composing a text that aims to advertise, or promote awareness, of a brand or company; to convince a group of readers to take action. For business websites, this is the text that captivates your intended audience and sells your brand to them. It is everything they see on your site that informs, excites and promotes action-taking to engage with your services.

In short – it is text designed to sell or influence.

Copywriting is very important for your business. Even if you are good with words and could sell ice to an eskimo, you need a professional copywriter for your business website. Here are some reasons why.

You are too close to your business

It never hurts to get a third-party perspective on any aspect of your business, especially someone who can help you to sell it. A professional copywriter will write content from a different lens, whereas you might portray a very personal opinion. Your views are also narrowed to what you know, whereas a copywriter will see other things that need to be advertised to encourage readers to take action. They also have experience with website content and can do the soft sell.


It can be extremely time-consuming to write everything down for your website. Think about it. There are multiple pages of information required – Home, About, Contact, let alone the product and category pages, as well as reviews. A copywriter will be able to write successfully and in a short time frame so that you can get a professional website running in no time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Professional website copywriters are (well, should be!) well versed in writing content that is SEO friendly, and will naturally help your website rank in Google searches. You may have to give them some keywords to aim for but they have experience for writing fluently with keywords so that your site gets found. This can take some time for you to get your head around, but a professional will be able to do it with ease. And SEO is critical for your website.

Competitive Edge

Having a professional copywriter will give you an advantage over those competitors who write their own text. Because they can incorporate SEO and write in a friendly and encouraging manner, your potential customers are more likely to engage your services over that of your rivals. Don’t be the business that looks ‘home made’ – be the stand-out!


A key to building a brand is consistency across all platforms. What you have on your website should be imitated across your advertising materials, social media posts, media releases – everything that your business puts out to the world should have the same tone and message. A copywriter will do this for you. They will ensure that your brand does not waver; that you have a recognizable statement that will stick in the minds of potential customers and bring their business back to you.

Call to Action

A call to action is crucial if you want people to engage with your business. This is the part of any text that encourages the reader to call or email you or make a purchase through your website. Not everyone has the knack for writing a compelling call to action; in fact, some are so bad that it turns the readers away. This is an absolute must for any website, and a professional copywriter will do it fluently.

Where Can I Find A Professional Copywriter?

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