We can all agree that a highly skilled web designer must create an amazing website. However, is that all you need?

That’s the big question that needs to be addressed at a time when a lot of outsourcing companies are cropping up all over the world.

While hiring a talented web designer is a must, there are a few other equally important requirements. These are the factors that are most commonly the source of web design “problems.” More often than not, business owners overlook these situations and end up getting a lousy website.

It may come as a surprise, but the market size of outsourced services has declined in the last five years, and it’s likely because of the poor websites being delivered by outsourcing partners. The global market size of outsourcing companies was around $104 billion dollars in the year 2014, and it has been reduced to $85.6 billion by 2018.

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So, what are the problems most face when outsourcing web design to someone in other parts of the world?

The Common Problems Faced in Outsourcing a Web Design Project

There can be many situations that result in getting a poorly designed website. Here are some of the most common reasons why your outsourcing web design project didn’t work out even when you hire a talented web designer.

1. When the Language Barrier Plays Havoc

Many outsource to a location that doesn’t speak the native language or isn’t comfortable speaking the common language – English.

It affects communication for both parties. No matter how talented the web designer or the team is, your goals get lost in translation when you cannot communicate effectively. It’s impossible to deliver the exact vision you had for your website when the other party cannot understand you completely. You will get a web design that is nowhere near what you had in mind.

It affects communication for both parties. No matter how talented the web designer or the team is, when you are unable to communicate effectively, your goals get lost in translation. It’s impossible to deliver the exact vision you had for your website when the other party is unable to understand you completely. You will end up getting a web design that is nowhere near what you had in mind.

2. When Time Difference Widens the Gap

Most outsourcing agencies have employees who work in their local time zone. So, when you are on the opposite side of the globe, you will be at a disadvantage in communicating and making decisions sooner.

This time difference is one of the common reasons for unsuccessful outsourced projects. Around 45% of the people attribute poor customer service, lack of flexibility, and responsibility as the main reasons for the failure of outsourcing projects.

Sometimes, before you can get back to the designer about a correction in the project, the team would have already progressed, which further complicates the project flow. Conversations that can be completed in a few lines would take a few days. Issues that are so simple will take weeks to get resolved. Unavailability for emergencies during your working hours results in disaster.

3. When the Project Drags on for Extra Weeks or Months

Many hire outsourcing agencies that are far away because of the affordable costs. However, with such companies, you may never know what’s going on in the true progress of the project. Because of the previous two reasons – language barrier and time zone issues – the project often takes much longer to complete than expected.

They will take time to understand and execute your feedback, suggestions, and corrections. Due to all these interruptions, the project is subjected to multiple edits, which drags the project a long time past the tentative completion date.

4. When You End Up Spending More Money

Let’s be clear on one thing. If you are outsourcing, then more than likely, one of the top reasons is to cut down the cost. According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, 59% of companies outsource to cut down the expense of a project.

However, the shocking fact is that you may end up paying more money than you anticipated when you have communication problems. Let’s see how with two different scenarios.

  1. You have outsourced to a skilled agency on a different continent and faced all the abovementioned issues. You get frustrated with the outcome of web design and end up hiring another one to rectify the issue. So now, you end up paying for the website twice.
  2. You launch the website though you aren’t happy with the web design. Your website doesn’t get a lot of traction. It doesn’t show up in the top search results. Even those who visit your website leave fast. So, what do you do? You spend money to fix the content, optimize the SEO, and realize that the web design is the culprit. You again hire another web designer to create a new design. So now you have spent money on the other services apart from hiring the web designer twice.

These are two examples, but there are many situations where you spend more money than you saved by outsourcing to a web designer in the other part of the globe.

So, What’s the Solution?

We aren’t asking you to stop outsourcing web design altogether. However, you must be more cautious about the agency or the person you outsource to and verify they can produce the desired results.

Most of the above problems can be avoided when you outsource to a local company.

  • You won’t face language problems with a local outsourced web design company. They will speak the same language as you, and there are no chances of misunderstanding or miscommunication.
  • They will have the same working hours as you. So you can quickly contact them, fix issues, and give feedback as and when needed.
  • You can even pop in for a quick face-to-face chat to explain your expectations clearly. It further allows you to test out the efficiency and the knowledge of the web designer and see if the person keeps the communication channels open.
  • You don’t need to redo your work and can save valuable money.
  • As they are a local company, they can better understand the traits of your customers and create a design that appeals to them.
  • You will get your project delivered within the timeline mentioned. Even if there are some delays, you can visit and check for yourself.

Finally, the web design you get is receptive, meets your expectations, and appeals to your customer base.

Isn’t it amazing how a small change in the outlook toward outsourcing a web designer can significantly impact your business?

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