If you’re confused about choosing the right medium for your profitable advertising, let’s clue you in.

Social media.

Well, that’s more than a hint, but you get the gist.

Social media platforms are many and tons of people are waking up to them every day. If you are picking one direction to spend your ad money, then choose a few social media platforms.

By that, we don’t mean to randomly pick one because that’s the first wrong thing you can do. You need to carefully choose those channels that can maximize your spend and get you the best return on ad spend (ROAS).

How Can You Pick the Right Social Media Platforms for Advertising?

At our digital marketing agency in Houston, we go through a set of prerequisites to suggest the most-suited social media platforms. Here are a few pages out of our checklist:

  • Look at where a good majority of your target audience is hanging out. 
  • Consider the cost per ad and compare it with your budget.
  • Look at the most popular and high reaching media in those social media platforms that sit well with your brand. For example, if you have a restaurant, then posting images of the food would be the best and for that, Instagram would be your number one option.
  • Analyze what your goal is – brand awareness or selling – and choose the platforms carefully.

These are just a few of the parameters to consider when choosing a social media platform. Let’s delve in deep and find some of the other essential parameters our Houston marketing agency uses to choose the social media platforms for advertising.

The Top Social Media Platforms to Consider for Advertising

We’ll take you through the most popular social media platforms, what works, what doesn’t and how you can make the right choice.

1. Facebook

Facebook is that social media platform that brought the hype of using social media into the world. Many never knew what social media was and a good majority learned it from Facebook.

Here are some research stats that’ll help you see if your target audience is present here:


Unlike many social media platforms, Facebook is used by people of all ages, with the majority of them between 18 and 49. The concentration of users among urban, suburban and rural doesn’t have too much of a difference.

When we talk about Facebook ads, if you can create and leverage videos and images of your products, then you can choose Facebook as one of your advertising platforms.

2. Instagram


While Facebook has reached among people of all ages, Instagram is popular among people from 13 years to 29 years. Instagram is used by people living in urban and suburban areas more than rural ones. And the educational qualifications are far lesser than Facebook.

If you have a business in rural areas, then Instagram may not be the best choice.

Insta stories, high-resolution photographs and quotes seem to work the best for Instagram. If your target audience is in urban or suburban areas, your business can be advertised with high resolution, attractive photographs that showcase your product.

3. Twitter

Twitter is that platform that revolutionized how social media works. You can find lots of people talking candidly with celebrities and healthy discussions. 

Twitter thrives on timely content and is popular for news and for businesses providing customer service. So, for most businesses, it doesn’t hurt to have a Twitter account as you don’t need to create any images or videos to be active here. 

Catchy tweets work the best and combine them with popular trends and you can create a good base.


When we talk about the key demographics, you can find similar age groups as Instagram: 13 years to 29 years. Again, the concentration of locations is more on the urban and suburban side.

So, it’s best to analyze where a good majority of your audience is from and then decide if Twitter is worth your time.

4. LinkedIn

Let us first start by saying that LinkedIn is mainly for advertising B2B services. If you have any digital product that you want to market, then LinkedIn is the best platform. It’s a professional networking platform on which you can post job listings, company updates and any other professional content.


Unlike other social media platforms, people from 30 years to 49 years seem to be the highest than any other age group. And when it comes to education, more than half of the users have at least a college degree. This is vital when considering the kind of advertisement you create for the audience.

LinkedIn is used mostly by people from urban and suburban locations, just 10% of the LinkedIn users are from rural areas. When we compare the income brackets, LinkedIn users have the highest income bracket than most other social media platforms.

Based on these useful insights, B2B companies should advertise on LinkedIn. If you want to know more about LinkedIn advertising, you can reach out to the social media managers in our digital marketing agency.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual social media platform that thrives on images and infographics. 

People use Pinterest mainly for inspirational content and so your advertising should be focused on creating images that people would learn from.


Most of the Pinterest users are from 18 years to 49 years, with almost evenly distributed usage on all locations. 

So, if you can create DIY, guides, quotes or any other inspirational content with your products, then you can try out Pinterest.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right social media platform has a lot of impact on the success of your advertising.

At our marketing agency in Houston, we work with various SMBs to advertise their products on social media. If you need any guidance for choosing the platforms and creating content, you can reach out to our team.