2020 was a real rollercoaster for many businesses. 

When the coronavirus outbreak began, it pushed many companies into a corner, forcing them to make some difficult decisions. A lot of brands were working hard just to figure out a way to sustain their business. The COVID-19 pandemic not only changed the way some companies do business, but it also changed the customer priorities and the way they perceive brands.

Moving forward, companies need to alter their digital marketing strategies for the post-COVID era by keeping in mind the customer’s change of mindset. This blog will take you through five of the top digital marketing trends you need to be prepared for as we enter 2021.

5 Digital Marketing Trends for the Post-COVID Era

If you’re struggling to find your footing after the COVID-19 pandemic, leveraging customer-centric digital marketing is the best way to go. YellowFin Digital’s tailored Austin digital marketing strategies have helped many businesses to regain their footing after the harsh realities of the COVID-19. 

As one of the go-to Austin marketing agencies for small and medium-scale businesses, we’re using a combination of data-driven solutions with personalization to achieve the best results. Let’s take a look at some of the digital marketing trends we recommend for the post-COVID times.

1. Customized Marketing for Smartphone Users

Google has enabled mobile-first marketing for many websites for many years now. However, Google is now going to switch from indexing over to mobile-first indexing after March 2021. Google is now recommending all the websites to be ready for this change to make sure that some portion of the sites isn’t blocked. 

Such a move brings out the importance of marketing for smartphone users. From the creation of landing pages on the website to the online ads placed on the searching engines and websites, businesses must focus on being mobile-friendly.

2. Automated Interactions with Chatbots

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, many customers have moved on to online shopping, research, and interactions with businesses. With many companies suffering a loss of revenue, it can be challenging to hire a lot of customer service representatives.

Instead, using chatbots is an affordable way to provide instant support for the customers. By paying a basic fee, you can make use of any online chatbot services, add the frequently asked questions and easy answers and include them on your website. This way, you can provide the best customer service and still minimize the amount of money spent on it.

3. Value-Focussed Messaging Showcasing Trustworthiness

Even when you use smart marketing tactics, the power of using the right messaging is the key to success.

A recent survey by Salesforce about the change of consumer opinions after COVID-19, found that 60% of consumers strongly felt that companies have a major need to improve trustworthiness.

Value-Focussed Messaging Showcasing Trustworthiness

It’s evident from the above graph that consumers give importance to the trustworthiness, environmental practices, and the service offered even above the actual product or service of the company. 

With consumers in such a mindset, the online marketing messages need to be focused on showcasing the brand value, practices, and reliability instead of blatant promotions. Talk about what goes behind your brand, about your employees, and why the customers need to trust you. Be open about your policies and the care that goes into supporting the customers. It’s what the customers need to hear from businesses right now.

If you’re struggling to talk about your business and send across the right messaging, you can contact our digital marketing agency in Austin. Our marketing specialists can help in the right position of your business in front of your target customers.

4. Social Media In-App Purchases

Even before the coronavirus, some social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have enabled in-app purchases. It’s also simple for companies to set up their shoppable products on such social media platforms and get direct conversions from leads quickly. 

As people are becoming accustomed to online shopping, social media shopping seems to be the next big thing for businesses. This is especially true for physical product-based companies. Such businesses can set up their online store for free on these social media platforms, add a nice picture and a description and market themselves.

5. Optimization for Voice Search

Many of us have begun using Alexa and other similar voice-enabled digital assistants or use the voice search on our smartphones. Statista reports that the number of voice assistants will increase to 8.4 billion by the year 2024, which is double the current volume.

Optimization for Voice Search

Previously, the process for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focussed on optimizing content in the way people type. With voice searches, the total dynamic has changed.

Now, websites have to optimize the content depending on how people would speak to include the voice searchers too. But, the catch here is that you need to optimize for both the voice searchers as well as the ones who type. 

If you want to get some clear guidance on optimizing your website for voice searches, then our SEO and online marketing services in Austin can help you out. Call us at 361-844-8550 to get a free quote for SEO.

Wrapping Up

From swift, one-click online shopping to at-home cleaning and beauty services, the pandemic has brought businesses closer to the customers. As a small business owner, you need to prepare yourself for these marketing trends to come in 2021 and get yourself a head start. Including these marketing trends and techniques as a part of your strategy will improve your overall ROI and customer base.