In today’s market, one of the fastest-growing segments is digital marketing. It has the highest consumer focus, leading to new trends and high dynamism. A notable decrease in traditional online advertising has pushed businesses to consume growing online technologies to influence customers. 

According to Reuters, a study concluded that spending on this field increased by 44% more than last year in the USA and $52 billion in Britain. Global spending neared $100 billion.

Ever-changing algorithms by Google and Facebook, newer technologies, and techniques keep digital marketing groups on their toes. At present, this field is entirely focused on mobile applications, phones, and the internet. This trend will continue in the future, too, with increased weight on using artificial intelligence.

Digital marketing has become “salt in the food” to grow your business. 

Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Ensure your SEO techniques are up-to-date

It’s a must to keep your SEO up-to-date to confirm that your service or product is reaching its market and has an online presence. Make sure your SEO techniques are updated once every quarter. Take special care of your keywords and the number of monthly searches they generate. 

Prefer using email in your business’s digital marketing

With time emailing has become a crucial platform for correspondence between businesses and individuals. An email to your consumer is nothing but a reminder about your brand/service, thus increasing your business’s distinction. Using email in your digital marketing plan increases your spread and provides another chance to connect with your customers.

Employ the blogging drive

Posting valuable and relevant content helps drive traffic to your social media pages and your business’s website. Each content created helps increase your online presence and indicates that your website is live, helping your content with good rankings in search engine results. Maintaining a good relationship with your customer is vital in every digital marketing plan. Make sure you do that.

As we roll into a new decade, let’s examine some vital Digital Marketing Tips and Predictions for 2020.


Over the past few years, we have been communicating more via bots. All thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Being easy to personalize and program, chatbots are preferred for many purposes

  • solving complaints,
  • assistance in registering or requesting,
  • speedy answers,
  • offering additional content.

At present, almost 70% of sites have chatbots, but not of very high eminence. Some take time to respond, while some give random information which doesn’t correspond to the question. Improvements in chatbots would increase conversion rates and make working with most of the services stress-free.

Don’t overlook chatbots in your online presence. In 2020, this technology will continue perfectly on your company’s websites.

Video Marketing

A picture attracts attention faster than mere text. And if it’s a high-quality video of two to three minutes, then there is more desire to watch it. In 2019 video marketing was a must 2019 and will continue to rule in 2020 too.

Video Marketing

According to  these statistics:

  • Videos are used by 87% of businesses as a marketing tool,
  • 97% of buyers agree that videos help them to understand the product with more detailed thought processes,
  • 83% of corporations claim that video content has improved their conversion;

Video marketing is the best tool available to attract attention, and it is not just a bubble to burst. Video is so powerful that Cisco states that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.

Content Marketing

Content will continue to be the king, may it be in 2019 or 2020. Never stop content creation, as it fuels the fire that is your SEO. Marketers are required to personalize their posts and deliver them at the correct time. In 2020, focusing on creating more interactive videos and content would be beneficial.

Influencer Marketing

For several years, influencer marketing has been trending and will continue to rule further. Brands that are taking benefit of influencer marketing see much higher ROI as compared to other marketing methods. Unlike in the past, today, organizations look to individuals with much smaller social media following to be influencers, not huge celebrities.

Page Speed

You will lose your viewer if your page takes time to load. Many users will abandon the webpage and won’t come back. This characteristic has been important until now and will continue to be in 2020. For better site performance in 2020, concentrate on page speed and watch your website’s performance.

Position “#0” in SERP

Position Zero is highly anticipated, and the featured snippet of text.  The #1 position is no longer wanted. This difference is visible in the prime-time ranking spot and includes a link back to the source of information.

Featured Snippet
Voice Search

2020 will be the year when digital marketers will have to adapt to voice search. Being more practical and convenient, voice search is gaining increasing significance. Many things can be done to optimize your website for voice search; the most important is using long-tail keywords. Experts believe that in 2020 at least half of the present requests will be made by voice search.

Merging the point of motivation to the point of sale through content (shoppable content)

Social Media has a great influence on digital marketing. In recent times, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have developed ways for eCommerce stores to create shoppable content preferring native integration, which makes it simple to shop and tag products straight in your feed. This is the best way for online retailers to drive traffic to the product webpage and generate conversions.

Immersive technologies like AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are growing among the world’s top marketing trends. Till now, VR was preferred over AR, but predictions indicate that in 2020 AR will outrun VR. It is visualized that VR will not be able to keep pace by 2021.

Interactive Content

Interactive content will continue to be in demand in 2020 too. This original and new content assists in cutting through the noise. Visitors would stay on for longer if the content is interactive, and your brand would get the required boost as this feature increases shareability.

Social Messaging Apps

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc., are among the top-rated social media apps as they help customers make direct contact with the companies. Hence businesses can flourish in a better way. It also maintains highly personalized marketing, loved by the public.

Let’s now consider some of the ways how businesses use these apps:-

  • Increase sales
  • Forming contacts and building relationships with them
  • Regaining possible clients
  • Give excellent customer support to the clients
  • Teach customers about the company’s business and its new products available

Content Personalization

Generic Commercials and traditional advertising are not preferred anymore by customers. Today customers expect personalization, and there is n number of ways to deliver the same. One of the most popular ways to personalize your online marketing efforts is segmented emails.

Digital marketing is constantly upgrading, and the above ideas and tactics can be huge game-changers in 2020. 

To sum up, today, one of the ultimate ways to grow your business is by associating with the right digital marketing agency.

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