Top 10 Effective B2B Marketing Strategies You Should Know

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Top 10 Effective B2B Marketing Strategies You Should Know

Coming up with the right marketing strategy is everything for a B2B company.

And right now, B2B marketing has evolved to include a combination of online and offline outreach marketing strategies, becoming more effective than the direct calls and outbound techniques.

The landscape of marketing is ever-changing, and marketing strategies that were working beautifully a decade ago have become ineffective. The biggest challenge for any B2B marketer is to keep with the current trends and generate a good amount of leads and sales.

The future of B2B marketing is spearheaded by technological development that’s far more data-driven and specific than the previous decade.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the various B2B marketing strategies that work best for the current market.

10 Smart B2B Marketing Strategies for Today’s Market

After years of being on the frontlines of Austin B2B marketing, our experts at YellowFin Digital decided to come up with a list of practical tips for the Austin-based online business. Read on to learn more about creating a successful B2B marketing strategy with tips from our digital marketing agency at Austin.

  1. 1. Employ Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing focuses on the quality of the leads rather than the quantity.

In ABM, you target a specific audience that brings higher chances of conversions. To convert this audience into leads and then eventually into sales, you create multiple marketing campaigns specifically targeted to their search patterns and product needs.

In the survey report, ‘State of Account-Based Marketing,’ published in 2018, the top goals of ABM practitioners include new business acquisition (73.5%), pipeline acceleration (62.1%) and lead generation (52.1%). Apart from that, their other goals include upselling to existing customers, brand awareness, customer retention and product adoption.

ABM is beneficial for B2B companies to focus on a set of audience and work to convert them instead of gathering leads that are difficult to convert.

  1. 2. Niche-Driven Website Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the key elements to reach out to brand-new prospects. When you have a company website (and you should), optimizing it for SEO will regularly boost traffic and sales.

For B2B companies, creating the website according to the niche you’re in is the best way to attract and convert leads.

For on-site SEO, we recommend targeting niche keywords that are highly specific to your landing pages. Make sure to use industry language in your content to further make it distinctive and easy to find. For off-site SEO, you can target websites and online publications that your target audience may frequent as backlinks.

For assistance with keyword research and website optimization, contact our SEO experts at our Austin marketing agency. We are happy to help you boost your online presence and sales!

  1. 3. Create Long-Form Content

In B2B companies, showing authoritativeness and expert knowledge can open many doors and lead to conversions.

We recommend you create useful, long-form content that adds great value to your customers. Your content should go into in-depth detail and offer them valuable information. Keep the content crisp and engaging — this will help grab the reader’s attention and build your credibility.

  1. 4. Build Authority on Social Media 

Some B2B companies majorly depend on social media to generate leads. However, if you haven’t yet begun actively using social media for your business, now is a great time to start!

Even when you don’t want to use social media as a direct way to reach out to your audience, it’s crucial to have an active social media profile with decent content, followers and engagement. The social authority can make so much difference to convert the prospects.

  1. 5. Referral Marketing

No matter how much the techniques of marketing changes, the power of referrals is always huge. Referral marketing will help you build a regular stream of leads from your existing customers.

You can create rewarding programs for your customers who refer new people. You can also send out regular emails and messages, encouraging them to refer new people to your company. Referral marketing can be clubbed with various B2B marketing strategies for increasing your exposure steadily and landing new clients.

  • 6. Look for Co-Branding Opportunities

Co-branding is a strategic marketing move where two brands come together to promote each other’s products to their audience. When you partner with the right company where your target audience is, you can register your presence to a broader audience and then leverage referral marketing to further build on it.

  • 7. Targeted Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the evergreen B2B marketing strategies. However, email marketing is not just about sending ‘any’ email and expecting the leads to pour in.

With our inboxes getting cluttered than ever, you have to segment the email subscribers and personalize the email according to each subscriber segment. According to the ‘Email Marketing Strategy in 2020’ report by HubSpot, most marketers use message personalization, subscriber segmentation, mobile-friendly emails and automated email campaigns as the top ways of increasing email performance.

As a B2B company, focusing on these critical areas will create click-worthy, high-value emails that lead to better conversions.

  • 8. Leverage Paid Media

Paid media is one of the most popular marketing strategies right now. However, it is vital to focus your money on specific platforms where your readers are. For paid media ads, you can go for:

  • Google advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • YouTube advertising
  • PR

The world of paid media is huge. Make sure to create your B2B marketing strategy around a few top paid media challenges instead of focusing on all.

You can reach out to our digital marketing experts in Austin to help you get started on paid media ads.

  • 9. Event Marketing

Events are still a massive magnet for lead generation. Building a face-to-face connection with your prospects is second to none and it’s essential to take every chance you get for event marketing.

You can look for conferences, seminars, training sessions, product launches, workshops or any partner events where you can find your target audience. Be present with your best shot pitch and start building personal relationships!

  • 10. B2B Marketing Testing & Optimization

Testing your new marketing strategies is often the best way to develop techniques that work the best. As you try out various strategies, don’t miss out on testing new techniques and try automating your processes as much as possible to save yourself a lot of time and avoid mistakes.

You can A/B test the landing pages, emails and social media posts, analyze the results and figure out what works the best.


In B2B marketing, the key to achieving success is targeting the customers you want and using the strategies that are best for your unique business. Among all of these B2B marketing strategies, we recommend picking a few to start with, testing them out in different ways, then taking some time to understand the results. Then you can implement the ones that produces the best results.