The Secret to Ecommerce Success

The Secret To Ecommerce Success Using Shopify

We have all heard about eCommerce entrepreneurs’ horror stories: A CEO opens a store on Shopify, gets overwhelmed in the sea of retail Goliath’s, and decides to call it quits.

End of story.

The reality is, venturing into eCommerce is not a smooth-sailing ride but a tug-of-war. The battle for supremacy is not for the faint-hearted. If you want to dominate in the online arena, you have to know why you are doing it in the first place.

Entrepreneurship can be very tricky. It comes with possibilities of failure, fierce competition, and financial instability. Getting on board with the eCommerce bandwagon does not only require resilience but a clear-cut strategy from the experts. 

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How to influence customers in their purchase decisions.
  • How to leverage on digital marketing experts to help you succeed in eCommerce.
  • How to maximize email marketing for conversions.
  • How to become an eComemrce Elite.

I talked to Raj De Datta, Founder of Bloomreach. Raj has catapulted from being an entrepreneur to an eCommerce Elite. His company offers digital solutions that combine the power of unified customer and product data with the speed and scale of AI and predictive decisions for a magical eCommerce experience and conversions. Raj and his team help startups and entrepreneurs scale up and become masters with these processes.

  • Drive conversion path from first marketing touchpoint
  • Creates a solution around customer data and personalized marketing
  • Incorporates SMS, ad campaigns, and email marketing 
  • Inspires audience with great content, articles, and manuals

What are the best marketing strategies for the ready-to-buy customers?

Influencing a potential customer’s purchase decision is a bit tricky. To some, getting leads to hitting the buy button is a matter of strategy, but for  Bloomreach, it is all about discovery

  1. Search personalization– Everyone wants a great search experience. According to research, “ The average person makes 3+ Google searches/day, and relevant results are served up in milliseconds.” Customers expect to get what they are looking for very quickly. 
  2.  Recommendation– According to this article, “Personal recommendations are the #1 driver of consumer purchase decisions at every stage of the purchase cycle, across multiple product categories.” This means that you don’t need to spend huge amounts to drive sales, a word of mouth or a customer testimonial will send your prospects to the checkout page.
  3. Merchandising– Merchandising is another deal-breaker when it comes to a potential buyer’s response to a call to action. It increases sales by making your website or online store appealing to your customers; this improves profitability.

Why do you need digital marketing experts to help you run your Shopify store?

To be successful in Shopify is not as easy as running a brick-and-mortar store. The transition to online commerce is a bit daunting, considering the new technologies and tools needed to survive and thrive in this dog-eat-dog arena. That is the reason why 90% of entrepreneurs fail on this platform. 

These are the commonly asked questions by online sellers, according to Bloomreach.

  • Why does the search engine suck?
  • Why are the recommendations not on point?
  • How do we get marketing to work?
  • How do we get content marketing rich, so the team can control and run our campaigns without being highly limited to the templatized use of Shopify?

Raj and his team run their stack on top of Shopify, plug it into Shopify Plus. It works by sucking in customer data and by powering the front-end experience. As a result, the marketing performance, conversion, and the growth rate increased. 

What is the importance of email marketing in driving sales?

According to Raj, email marketing is the ultimate retention channel to reach customers at a lower acquisition cost. He mentioned that there are two types of email solutions. One is the smallest of emails with huge returns, and the other is a combination of data and email platforms. He also emphasizes the importance of customer segments and why it is powerful in driving sales. 

What is his advice on becoming an eCommerce Elite?

In his book, Digital Seeker, Raj defines and explains the power of the seeker-centric philosophy–translating it into a core operational playbook for digital teams to achieve transformative results.

His advice to the newbies is to start with their “whys” and to put themselves in their customer’s shoes. He also stresses the importance of building around data, tools, and people to dominate an industry.


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