The Beauty of Confidence and Decisiveness

Ravit Darougar, Founder of 4Ever Magic Cosmetics, joins the conversation to share her success story of creating a cosmetic brand with sheer decisiveness, even if other people show doubt and hesitation to your ideas.

4Ever Magic Cosmetics changed the cosmetics industry’s eyebrow game through their magical eyebrow gel formula, enabling people with less to no confidence to show their smile without shame and filled with confidence.

The Power of Shopify

Before launcher her website in May 2018, Ravit always wanted to materialize the creative idea she always had in her head. She debated between Shopify and Magento. Eventually, she chose Shopify because of its convenience.Shopify gives everything to you as a startup. Security is easy to maintain, you can upload pages by yourself, and you don’t have to be a software developer to start things off. It was a rewarding journey because Shopify also allowed her to link a fulfillment company to ship internationally.

Since every massive company is on Shopify, Ravit thought she didn’t have to shift to others platforms. Do your research before launching because switching after you have established your brand is challenging and costly. Make the right decision for your business.

How pandemic affected her business

The COVID19 pandemic turned out to be a blessing for her business. Since customers are barred from going outside due to restrictions, they cannot choose products in stores. With Ravit’s product being an eyebrow product, it is not covered by the face mask when worn, making her product a go-to for individuals who wanted to look good even during these rough times.

She also had challenges with production due to delayed shipping of components from China and finding laboratories to start manufacturing her product, but in the end, she made it work.

Why make an eyebrow gel?

Ravit went down the memory lane on how she used to mix her mother’s products to form new formulas and new “products” out of it. She was always a nerd and had always envisioned creating a makeup brand one day. Ravit wanted to create a brand that will boost the self-confidence of her customers. She noticed how her friends had no self-confidence because of their eyebrows, and as we age, we lose them.

She wanted to create one product in a cream-gel pulled together in one glass jar with people doubting on it. Ravit did not give up until she found the right laboratory to partner with. Figure it out no matter what people say. Most successful business people started a project they never know what to do but can still figure things out as they go.

The thing she wished she knew beforehand

Ravit wished she knew that Facebook or Instagram ads would not convert “cold people” right away. The importance is to know your audience. Focus on your website’s organic traffic through marketing influencers of your respective product; if you make a smoothie product, partner with a lifestyle influencer. Not every company that you will work with will be a success. These challenges will be a learning experience, but it has to be done.

Legacy and Mission

Ravit hoped to bring a message about her brand. She wants her company to give back to the community. Hence, during the checkout process through their website, customers can choose between twonon-profit organizations to support cancer patients or feed the homeless in Los Angeles.

She wanted to create a mission to hopefully forge a partnership with a legitimate non-profit organization in the beauty industry. They could go to hospitals and conduct make-over for cancer patients to make them feel beautiful and confident and provide makeup kits for families that cannot afford it. It is her goal and something that she keeps in mind as she grows her business. 

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