We’ve heard many SEO experts talk about technical SEO. But often, this is one area that is ambiguous and hard to grasp.

While we can understand on-site SEO, off-page SEO, and their tricks and strategies, technical SEO lies in the backend, where you optimize the technical details of the website. Sounds complicated? It actually isn’t.

This is why, in this blog, we’re going to break down what technical SEO is and how important it is for your website performance.

Why Do You Need to Give Importance to Technical SEO?

At YellowFin Digital, our San Antonio SEO company has been working with multiple small and medium-scale businesses helping them to improve their overall SEO. And this includes technical SEO, without which any SEO strategy is incomplete.

Our San Antonio SEO experts have listed down some of the most critical reasons you need technical SEO.

  • It Makes Your Website Easily Crawlable 

We know that Google and other search engines want to present the best possible answer for each searcher’s query. They make this happen by crawling all the information on the internet, storing them, and quickly searching for matching instances with the query.

However, Google has a bot that doesn’t just go by how much the web page’s content matches the query. It also considers user experience, which says a lot about how much a website is ready to put in effort for the users.

So when Google is crawling your website, it doesn’t just take notice of the content but other factors that influence the user experience like page loading time, bounce rate, and different page hierarchy.

The page hierarchy is also known in the SEO world as the linking structure, which makes it easily understandable for the search engines about the entire structure of your website. So when you perform technical SEO on your website, you’re actually informing Google that your site is optimized for the users with the best experience.

  • It Improves Your Website’s Speed

With the market competition so close, you can’t afford to pay attention to your page loading time. 

Did you know that 25% of the users abandon the website when the page loading time is 4 seconds and more? The percentage of abandonment goes up as the loading time goes up too.

Can you imagine how many customers you’re losing out on every day because you haven’t optimized the speed? This is one of the top criteria we’ll work on during technical SEO.

Since technical SEO is all about backend optimization, we’ll look at the large files and big-sized images, and other media that are contributing to the slow loading time. We can replace them with fast-loading images and optimize the website. 

For every second we cut down on the loading time, there’s a definite increase in the retention and, therefore, the conversions. As a part of our San Antonio SEO services, we have helped businesses understand this criticality and helped them increase their ROI by making a few changes to improve the website’s speed.

  • It Makes Your Website More Secure

As a part of the technical SEO, we’ll also be considering the security measures around a website. Google bot notices how secure a website is and its transactions are when it’s crawling a website, affecting its recommendations.

So it’s important to include HTTPS instead of HTTP, which is the first sign of a secure website. Nowadays, customers are also cautious of using HTTP sites, and this can be easily checked on the address bar.

With technical SEO, you’ll improve not only your site’s performance but also its security.

  • It Clears Your Site of Dead Links & Duplicate Content

This is another important aspect that will always be checked in technical SEO. 

Sometimes, you may move around content from one URL to another or publish the same content twice in two different URLs by mistake. Or, you may remove the content and forget to remove the URL.

All of these could affect your SEO performance. There are several ways of dealing with these issues. Suppose you’re removing content from a page or redirecting to another URL from a URL that has, to date, got a considerable number of visitors. In that case, we can include a redirect that doesn’t carry the SEO juice from one link to another.

We’ll also audit and remove dead links that were no longer being used and had no impact on SEO and were, instead, weighing your website down. Performing such an audit is like housekeeping, where you throw out things you don’t want, find things that you can reuse, and keep things that are the most useful.

If you’re looking for a reliable company to help you with SEO services, then our San Antonio SEO experts are the best choice. They can perform a complete audit of your website, find areas to improve, and even go a step ahead and implement the changes. Reach out to us to know more details.