Success is Showing Up

Success is Showing Up

Lauren Harris is based in Corpus Christi, TX, and runs a successful Mosquito Control franchise known as Mosquito Hunters. She grew up in the Dallas/Fortworth area and went to school in Abilene, TX. She worked as a pelagic strength conditioning coach for fifteen years and spent time living in different parts of the country but eventually made her way back to Texas and began growing her business. 

Why Did You Choose to Move Back to Corpus Christi, TX?

Lauren says that she absolutely loved living in Corpus Christi and knew that if she ever found herself back in Texas, she’d want to live by the beach. She also knew that this area was open territory for mosquito hunters, which would be ideal for her growing business. 

Why Made You Decide to Choose Mosquito Hunting?

Lauren explains that this franchise had a great marketing plan and seemed like something she could easily do. It was simple, and she didn’t have a lot of corporate business experience at the time, so it seemed like a good fit. In addition, she says that the mosquito field was not saturated, which made it a great opportunity to do well in the market. 

What Was it Like Starting Your Business During the Pandemic?

Lauren began her business in the Fall of 2019 and had her first full year in 2020. She says that the pandemic slowed things down a bit, but after the initial slowdown, things really picked up around May or June 2020. She thinks this is because people were home more and wanted to spend time outside but found that mosquitos were quite a nuisance, which is where her business came in. 

What Are the Biggest Issues You Face in Your Business?

Lauren expresses that the biggest issue with her business is meeting the extreme demand in the area. Corpus Christi is a prime area for mosquitos which means there are many homes that need to be serviced. She has found that finding enough employees to get the job done can sometimes be quite a struggle. 

Who Handles Your Digital Marketing?

We asked Lauren if the franchise handles her marketing or if she is solely responsible. She says that the marketing is split 50/50. The franchise helps with digital marketing, and then their company utilizes something known as ground marketing. This includes having a mascot, handing out flyers, door hangers, etc. This type of advertisement also helps to benefit digital marketing and generate leads. These leads go directly through their national call center that helps to answer calls for her business and many others. Lauren explains that this is a huge benefit for her company as it helps streamline the customer communication process for her.

What Part of Your Business Takes Up Most of Your Time?

Lauren finds that speaking with customers and actually doing the services takes up quite a lot of time. She spends more time doing the in-home services than she originally planned. In the future, when more people are hired, she believes she will have a lot more time to network and build better customer relationships rather than focusing on just doing the services. 

How Do You Maintain All Five-Star Reviews?

Lauren explains that during her training, they spent a lot of time coaching her on the importance of getting good reviews. Her business currently has all five-star reviews out of almost 150, which is extremely impressive. She says that she works hard to ensure her customers are consistently getting five-star service which in turn generates positive feedback. She also says that offering incentives and bonuses to her employees has been a great way to ensure that they’re working towards getting positive reviews as well. 

What’s the Biggest Piece of Advice You Can Give to Someone Looking to Start Their Own Home Service Business?

Lauren says that the most important thing you can do is show up and provide excellent customer service! She sets high expectations for her employees to ensure that customers are getting the best service possible. 

Wrapping Up- What Are Your Long-Term Goals?

Lauren says that with the amount of demand within the Corpus Christi area, she doesn’t have any current plans to expand to different cities or states. She would like to continue building a solid client base in her current territory, as there is more than enough work to ensure that her business succeeds.