Your review ratings impact your business. Reputation management helps you take charge of your online review presence.

In the ever-increasing digital world we live in today, 85% of consumers say that a positive Google review means as much to them as a referral from a trusted friend. Eighty-five percent!!! This means your online reputation is more important than ever.

Not sure what online reputation management is or how it can help your small business? Here are some key factors of using our YellowFin Digital Reputation Management:

  • Get more positive reviews – Acquire more customer reviews and easily gather them in one place. We automate the acquisition process by sending review requests via SMS text messages to your clients. We optimize the process with Google and other industry specific sites that are important to your business.
  • Get the good news out – Share the best reviews through several different channels. Stream your positive reviews to your website or social media accounts.
  • Take control of your online reputation – We help you acquire more positive reviews and respond timely and appropriately to any customers who have a less than amazing experience with your small business.

If you aren’t actively managing your small business’s online reputation, who is? YellowFin Digital can help.

We handle digital; you handle the rest!

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Generate more positive reviews which will help you generate more customers.

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Share the best reviews and get the word out about how amazing your small business is.

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Get more 5 star reviews by putting an emphasis on your service and take control of your online reputation.