Tim Leeper Roofing

YellowFin Digital played a pivotal role in transforming Tim Leeper Roofing’s online presence by transitioning them from an outdated website to a cutting-edge, custom-designed, and developed WordPress site. This transformation was not just about a new look; it was about fundamentally changing how Tim Leeper Roofing connected with their audience online. The primary goal was to significantly improve the website’s conversion capabilities, turning visitors into leads and, ultimately, customers. This objective was achieved through a combination of strategic design, user-friendly navigation, and compelling calls-to-action, all of which were integrated seamlessly into the new website.

The impact of this digital overhaul, complemented by a robust PPC and SEO campaign, was profound. Tim Leeper Roofing saw their sales skyrocket by 62% in the first 12 months following the launch of the new site. This remarkable growth is a testament to the effectiveness of YellowFin Digital’s comprehensive approach to digital marketing and website development. By understanding Tim Leeper Roofing’s business objectives, target audience, and market challenges, we were able to create a digital platform that not only reflects the company’s brand and values but also drives measurable business results. This project showcases YellowFin Digital’s commitment to leveraging digital tools and strategies to support our clients’ growth, ensuring that they not only meet their sales targets but exceed them, establishing a solid foundation for future success.