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Is Email Marketing Dead Or Just Underutilized?

Are you always the last person out of the parking lot? Are you struggling to get the proper work-life balance while hustling for an entrepreneurial rat race on the side? Do you think that you have not maximized your existing marketing tools because you worry too much about the cost VS the ROI?

If you feel like you’re the bottleneck in your company by trying to pull off that one-man-show cape, you may be right. Some traditional business owners are having a hard time pivoting in the middle of the pandemic. The transition from physical to online market is tough, but the trend is here to stay.

Success requires proper positioning, strategic planning, and the right execution. Sometimes the best tools have  reduced human intervention like email marketing automation.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why automation is important so you can focus on the things you love.
  • Why email marketing is one of the best revenue-generating tools for your business.
  • Why consistent online presence is important in eCommerce.
  • Why do you need to connect with the right agency to help you run your promotions and scale up your business?

I talked to Kelly Pearson, Founder of Aiden and Oak. Kelly has catapulted from being a clothing women’s boutique owner in 2016 to being an eCommerce elite. This entrepreneur/mom shared how a maternity leave opened the idea of leaving her corporate job and focusing on running a business full-time. She also said that her desire for quality time with her family made her decide to switch gears. When COVID hit, she closed the open shop in her property and decided to go online-focused. She is here to explain the importance of adapting to some marketing advancements that do not only help reduce cost but also increase efficiency to achieve time freedom.

Why Automation Is Important

Despite the rumors you’ve heard, Kelly still thinks that email marketing is one most effective but the most underutilized tools to generate sales. Being a full-time business owner and a hands-on mom requires a lot of agility and stamina. The email automation helped bring a decent sales revenue on the table without requiring too much muscle and time. She explains how email marketing has contributed 27% to her total sales. She also focused on paid ads through Facebook while maintaining her online presence on Instagram.

Email marketing is one of the best sales strategies because it integrates well with other tactics. It also helps develop customer relationships, reach more potential consumers, and achieve high ROI.  However, she mentioned that some don’t like doing email marketing and how it just gets pushed to the back burner and never gets done. As a result, no growth is visible.

Why Consistency Is Important In Ecommerce

So, how do you know that your clients will remember your brand? The answer: By doing regular postings on every social media platform. Online visibility is your avenue to strengthen brand awareness. By making sure that your company’s ideals are known to the market, you will most likely strike a chord with your target audience. If you fail to convey the right messaging, you are sending your potential customers to your competitors’ den. 

Why Is It Important To Connect With The Right Agency For Strategy

Kelly shared a digital marketing horror story where she got into this well-known agency that wrote her first email template. While she was checking the email, she noticed that a bunch of links was linked back to a completely different boutique. 

On the second time, she recounts that she started getting screenshots from customers right before her ads were supposed to get up and running and that it was an advertisement saying Aden and Oak for a wine cooler.

Kelly said, “It was a trainwreck!”

So, she decided to trust her marketing with someone credible. She tried running her ads which is a full-time job itself. 

She is now considering Yellowfin Digital to help her run her Facebook ads because she thinks she’s not the best fit to be managing paid traffic.

Would you like to find out how your business can become an Ecommerce Elite?