New Trend of Selling

How Maximizing Social Selling Is The Way To Profit

While social media is mostly for branding, customer service, and promotion, the tides are now dramatically shifting. Facebook has evolved into an online marketplace where businesses of all niches thrive to gain attention. The evolution of the online marketplace is becoming segmented and industry-specific.

Social selling is like second nature for the social butterflies. However, for those who are camera shy, going live is like emerging from a cocoon. Putting yourself out there is like staring at a blank page. The transition from direct to social selling may be pretty daunting but the trend is here to stay.

To be successful in social selling does not only require confidence. The competition in the marketplace is getting tougher. The biggest profit belongs to the most engaging live seller. The ultimate goal is to make your audience hit the buy button. 

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How social selling can get you the most customers.
  • How to build and cultivate a Facebook community.
  • What are the challenges in social selling.
  • What are the advantages of connecting to a results-driven digital marketing agency.

I talked to Danielle Amelia, CEO of Styled AF, a marketing and consulting company. Danielle started as a women’s boutique owner and later transitioned as a digital marketing consultant, helping clothing businesses catapult from being passable to unstoppable. 

This entrepreneur from Austin shared how her experience in the TV service provider industry and working in a popular clothing direct sales company has taught her the ins and outs of marketing. She said that her desire to avoid the hustles and bustles of being in a corporate wheel has made her decide to be an entrepreneur. Her decision to take full ownership of Styled AF comes from her passion to add value to her clients, and at the same time, put money on the table.

How Does Social Selling Work?

Selfies. OOTDs. My Day. 

These are the types of user-generated content that you see on Facebook. Nowadays, live selling is sprouting like mushrooms and the sellers have somehow become, ‘digital neighbors’.

Buying and selling have always been part of our lifestyle. However, going to physical stores is not the safest option to indulge in retail therapy during these times. The pandemic made live selling the go-to hub for shopaholics and digital window shoppers.

According to Danielle, there are different avenues for social selling on Facebook.

  • Personal or business page
  • Group page
  • Closed community or private group

Danielle mentioned that when she was just starting doing live selling, she would have sticky notes with names on the purchased items. That is until she found software with spreadsheets and automatic invoicing.

She admits that her past experiences in the retail and TV service provider industry have made her transition from direct to social selling much easier. Now, she is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs dominate the digital marketplace.

Here are some of her tips on how to attract buyers in your stream:

  1. Be confident going live.
  2. Be willing to break the wall to create a customer-friendly shopping experience.
  3. Know your competitive edge.
  4. Be in character.
  5. Get as close and personal as possible.

The Importance Of Building A Facebook Community

When starting an online business, it is a prerequisite to build a highly engaged community of individuals who are likely to be interested in your business. 

Danielle stresses the significance of having a strong client base to create more engagement and make more sales.

Here are ways on how to effectively build a Facebook that supports your online business:

  • Just be yourself– Don’t try to sound perfect or polished; your audience knows if you’re just catfishing them.
  • Treat your customers as best friends– Don’t try to sound bro-markety; people don’t want to be sold to.
  • Share relevant information– Be relatable and always convey the right message to your target customers. 

 Your Facebook community needs to be cultivated. Just like in the physical scenario, you have to build relationships with your customers by regularly touching base with them.  Create a customer-friendly journey experience that starts with a community of individuals who share the same interests. Remember, engagement is the way to profit.

What Are The Challenges Of Social Selling

Like every other business, live selling has its setbacks. 

Like any other entrepreneur, Danielle had her share of mishaps along the way. 

At the beginning of 2020, she hired a digital marketing agency to help her with the ads, retargeting, and driving traffic and sales to her website. According to Danielle, one of her mistakes is that she never did any research and just gave her money. When COVID hit, everything went into a curveball. She lost some of her employees, and there were piles of delayed inventories. Worst of all, she was in debt.

So, she started talking to other people and partnered with friends in the boutique industry to get some ideas, learn marketing strategies and gain referrals. 

She also gets advice from Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. The book talks about breaking the culture of being in debt before making a profit. It focuses on why you do what you do and how to maximize your income.

Danielle is now successfully running her marketing and consultancy agency.

“ My ideal clients are those who I work best with,” she added. 

Why Is It Important To Leverage On The Right Digital Marketing Agency For Strategies?

It is better to avoid the pitfalls at an early stage than to lose huge marketing dollars in the long haul.

Getting a certified digital marketing agency is the only way to scale up for startups. Marketing techniques are continually evolving, and the digital tools are regularly updating. You can benefit by connecting to a team of experts in social media management, design, content, SEO, and sales. 

Hiring the right agency can help you focus on other business priorities and gives you more time freedom.


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