Fighting against the Goliaths in the digital arena means outsmarting them. If David had a slingshot, you need agile digital marketing strategies in place to thrive in the cut-throat online world. 

By understanding how overwhelming it is to be in a continuous neck-to-neck battle with your competitors, you will stay ahead of the game.

The truth is, there isn’t one single way that can magically boost your market position. There are a few combinations of techniques, hacks, and tips that when applied together can give you the advantage.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some ways to get a leg-up in your competition and seal your position.

How Can You Stay Ahead of Your Competition with Digital Marketing?

At YellowFin Digital, one of the top Austin digital marketing agencies, we have helped numerous clients maximize their sweet spot and leverage from our results-driven sales and marketing strategies.

Here are some tips and techniques that you can use to level up your brand, according to our experts.

Follow the 80-20 Rule for Content Marketing

If you’re in the digital marketing field long enough, then you must’ve probably heard of the 80-20 rule. 

How do you apply the Pareto Principle of 80-20 in content marketing? Spend 20% of the time creating useful content and 80% of the time distributing it.

Follow the 80-20 Rule for Content Marketing

Distributing is sharing content in multiple forms to various social media campaigns, websites, emails and any other forms where your target market is. By following this 80-20 rule, you can maximize the time spent on creating the content and utilize it to reach out to your audience. 

The 80-20 rule works best for blogs. You can create high-quality blogs and repurpose them over multiple mediums.

  • You can use the organic way, like SEO techniques, to drive in regular traffic from search engines.
  • You can share bits of your content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.
  • You can create short videos with messages from blogs and share them on YouTube.
  • You can participate in casual conversations on similar topics on Quora and Reddit and share your blog links where they are relevant.
  • You can use repurpose content on Medium and LinkedIn.
  • You can share the blog images on your social media stories.
  • You can create paid ads to target your audience through social media and search engines.

With these multiple content distribution strategies, you can maximize your reach, visibility, and impact of a piece of content.

Carve Your Own Online Space

This is easier said than done but it’s very critical if you want to achieve exponential growth. The time you spend working on your website and your social media presence will definitely prove to be fruitful in the long haul.

When we say ‘crave your online space’, we establish proper positioning to create authority and build credibility 

You can make that happen by:

  • Being active on social media regularly 
  • Interacting with the followers and target audience constantly
  • Putting out user-generated content
  • Standing up for things you believe in
  • Posting something that shows your ethics and value even when that doesn’t directly contribute to your revenue
  • Showing people what’s behind your brand
  • Making the audience feel heard and valued
  • Pitching in for your audience whenever you can
  • Making everyone feel inclusive

As you do all of the above steps, you are positioned to build a community, which is essential for the long-term growth of your brand, and a sure way of getting ahead of the competition.

Don’t Try to Be a Do-It-All

As much as possible, we would like to have a bird’s eye view on what our competitors are doing. If they’re doing something we’ve already done, we become complacent.  If they’re trying out something we haven’t, our anxiety level shoots up and we experience FOMO.

One thing is that you don’t need to cookie-cut all the time because your competitors might also be planning on doing a funnel hack on you. If you know that a particular strategy or channel is only a waste of time and energy, don’t venture further just because your competitor’s are doing it.

Instead, focus your energy on your existing results-driven strategies.

Make SEO Your Friend

There’s a common misconception that small businesses will find it hard to rank in search engines, which isn’t exactly true if you know the right way of doing SEO.

If you want to crush your competition in the search engine rankings, you need to invest in long-term SEO strategies. 

Make SEO Your Friend

By SEO, we mean:

  • The ranking for the most relevant, timeless keywords 
  • Optimizing the website design to provide the best user experience 
  • Using attractive media that increases the SEO value
  • Creating content that people actually look forward to read
  • Marketing the content to drive more traffic
  • Monitoring the website performance through analytics. 

You can connect with a trusted digital marketing agency to help you optimize your website so it drives more traffic and conversions.

If you’re looking for an experienced Austin SEO company to help put your website on top of the search results, reach out to our experts now. 

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