Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

Priyanka Chordia, the seventh generation of their family business in the jewelry industry. She started being involved with the business since she was 13. As she started traveling for trade shows with her family all around the country, she studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and other Gemology programs at the Gemological Institute of America.

Over the years, Priyanka gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the industry, which eventually led her to form her own company D Deco jewels which stand for designer and decorative. So it’s all about what catches her eye. D Deco showcases products that are collected and design based on Priyanka’s creative eye. Her goal is to reach the younger generation with modern jewelry and satisfy the older generation with their love for antique and estate jewelry.

What made her decide to get into the e-commerce side of selling jewelry

Priyanka has an older brother, nine years older than her and that’s always been involved in technology. And figuring out what’s the next thing is going to be for the future. They were one of the very first companies to be online. They started e-commerce in about 2008 and hopped on it as soon as it was getting on. And at the time they’re not sure how this was gonna work out, but then we realized that we need to take good pictures, have a good setup. It took about a year of hard work to work on their website.

How the pandemic affected them and how being online already helps

Being a part of the luxury industry, they started thinking about things like, should they downsize the office because who’s going to buy jewelry especially not for the next five years. They need to restrategize and figure out a new strategy of how they’re going to grow the business and new products.

The pandemic is horrible but in terms of businesses, it only led to more creativity and seeing the power of social media, that and seeing it’s really important to be established, not only on your website but to have different platforms that lead people to go to your website.

Type of Advertising

Priyanka’s current goal has been more with retailers, so finding them online. She definitely uses a lot of Google ads, which is only getting tough and tough and more expensive day by day. She’s been using a lot more Instagram and Facebook a little bit. And SEO is key.

What do you wish you would’ve known before you really got into e-commerce?

It was learning about how important marketing is. You can have the most beautiful website with great pictures and you can have the best prices and be great. But if you don’t spend on marketing, no one is going to find you.

Advice would you have for a business owner?

Priyanka always has her three key points that she always tells everyone who asks for any advice. So her first one would definitely be to just keep hustling and do not be afraid to make that call. And I think that that’s something that we’ve definitely all learned during the pandemic is that no one is going to judge you. And who cares if they judge you? Stop caring about what others are going to think. The second thing would be to just trust yourself and just know that not perfect or go as planned, but you really have to just keep going. And that goes with the other piece of advice, which is you really have to spend on marketing and you just have to trust the system and trust the way that things are, even though that e-commerce is really out of a lot of people’s comfort zone.



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