You have a good number of leads landing on your important web pages. But what can you do to convert those leads to customers?

Writing an amazing landing page copy can make all the difference to increase the number of warm leads and customers. It’s typically the point where your prospects can either go cold or move towards a conversion.

So, how can your landing page be so good that it reaps high conversions and increases your ROI?

Let’s find out.

5 Tips to Create Amazing, High-Converting Landing Page

Do you want to know how a landing page should be?

At our Austin SEO company, we’ve worked with several SMBs and startups, helping them perfect their website and conduct sales campaigns with landing pages that do the trick. With our Austin SEO services, we offer to create designs and write copy for landing pages that result in increasing your customers.

Here are some essential tips that we swear by!

  • 1. Have a Stop-Think-Engage Opening

The introduction of the landing page tells everything to a customer. However, when your leads are so restless that they cannot take more than a few seconds to read through your page, then the importance of that opening increases by folds.

Have a Stop-Think-Engage Opening

The average human attention span was 8 seconds in 2015, which reduced from 13 seconds in 2000. Right now, it’s expected to be around 3 to 5 seconds.

So, we have no more than 5 seconds to hook the leads to reading more.

So, the copy’s opening headline should be so engaging, informational, and packed with usefulness that they are tempted to read more.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when writing the opening line:

  • Inform about what that landing page is
  • Address one common pain point for which the answer is your product/service
  • The main heading should clearly describe one product 
  • Say more in less words 
  • 2. Focus on Only One CTA, Nothing More

If you’re running a website that offers two or more services, then you may be tempted to include some of it in a single landing page.

But that’s when you have to check that temptation!

When you have multiple Call to Actions (CTAs), you end up confusing the leads about their choices. The more you give them space and time to think, the more chances they can leave to check a competitor or come for another day.

You need to have an individual landing page for all our main products and services. Each of those pages should only be talking about one point of conversion. The CTAs should be at the top AND bottom of the landing page. Based on how long the landing page is, you can include one in the middle too.

The CTAs should be prominent and should stand out from the rest of the landing page. Design it in a different color and background so that it sticks out even when the leads are just scrolling through the website.

If you want to know more about creating multiple landing pages for your products, our experts at our Austin SEO agency can help you out.

  • 3. Make Numbers Your Best Friend

Let’s compare two landing page copies here.

A: Our XXX product has been beneficial to many of our customers.

B: 78% of the customers say that our XXX product has helped them get more work done than before.

See how specific and to-the-point sentence B is?

When a prospect reads sentence A, you can barely expect them to remember that line once they move to the next one. But, sentence B really strikes a chord when the social proof is involved.

So, try to be as specific as possible. By specific, we mean to add numbers. Give your prospects hard, cold evidence that shows that you aren’t just bluffing. Numbers make them believe what you say and take them closer to a conversion.

Of course, remember that too much of anything would spoil everything. So, as you include numbers and statistics, make sure not to overdo it.

  • 4. Use Images, Videos & GIFs to Support

Use Images, Videos & GIFs to Support

Not many have the patience to read through an entire landing page. 

Some prefer looking at representational images and some prefer to see videos. So, analyze your customers and see what they prefer. Include these media forms based on your customer’s expectations that sums up a good picture of the landing page.

Your videos should have those catchy, engaging content complete with a CTA at the end of the video to move them towards a conversion.

If you think images are better, then sprinkle them around the landing page. Don’t include an image just because you need to break the flow of content.

Every image, video or GIF you include should have significance and supplement the landing page copy or at least its flow.

  • 5. Compress, Minify and Reduce

  • Compress your images.
  • Minify JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Reduce the number of redirects.

All of these together will improve your landing page’s speed, which is not just good for your SEO strategies but also helps in the landing page conversions.

You might have an awesome landing page ready to start impressing and converting. But when the landing page takes a lot of time to load, many of the prospects don’t have the patience to wait around.

Compress, Minify and Reduce

In fact, you can see that around 25% of customers are happy when your site loads within 5 seconds. And when the loading time increases to anywhere above 8 seconds, it can negatively impact the conversions.

Reduce the size of images and other elements on your landing page to load faster.

Wrapping Up

Writing and designing a killer landing page requires an in-depth understanding of customer expectations and behavior. Make sure to have an exciting opening, some numbers to reinforce your claims and a smooth flowing landing page copy to increase your conversions.

Want to know more about creating high-converting landing page copy? Talk to our specialists at our SEO company in Austin now.