Keys to Managing Leads

What Makes a Successful Residential Roofing Company?

Paul Winzey is the owner/founder of Lighthouse Roofing Company. He is originally from Corpus Christi and decided to take the leap and start his own roofing business shortly before his second child was born. His business turned four years old this year and he has an impressive crew that keeps his company going. He believes that taking great care of his workers is the secret to continuing to have a business that thrives. 

How Did You Get Into Roofing?

Paul did not start his career in roofing. He grew up in Corpus Christi but ended up transferring to the Dallas area. He was bartending and waiting tables when he first got out of college but was recruited by a digital marketing company called Multi-View. From there, he worked in the marketing industry to help home service companies grow their business.

After a while, he decided to go off on his own and start a company that unfortunately did not pan out the way he wanted. Following this business venture, he was introduced to the world of roofing by one of his close friends and later branched off to begin his own roofing company after his second child was born. 

What’s the Secret to Getting Great Employees?

Paul recruited a crew of men who were doing a roofing project for one of his neighbors. He really lucked out because this crew is still a huge part of his company to this day. He finds that the secret to having and keeping a great crew is to show them respect and work alongside them. He stays up to date with wage trends and ensures that his crew is well taken care of. 

What Have Been Some Challenges With Growing Your Business?

Paul expresses how difficult it can be to grow and scale his business when you are trying to do everything at once. Answering the phone for potential clients can be incredibly difficult when you’re on a roof doing a repair job. The more your business grows, the harder it can be to keep up with communication and all of the tasks at hand that need to be done. 

Paul made it his mission to better his relationship with clients by setting up CRM software known as Job Nimbus which is specific to the roofing business. He finds that this really helped to streamline client communication. It helps him to be more responsive and keep customer data all in one place. He emphasizes that his biggest hurdle while running a business is building successful client relationships.

He expresses that he holds himself to a very high standard in terms of responsiveness to clients and keeping himself organized. He plans to build a marketing team for his business in the future and knows that he needs to set a good example for his employees in order to make his company successful.

What’s the Best Advice You Have For Other Home Service Business Owners?

Paul suggests that you focus heavily on managing leads. Once you begin doing good work in the community, the word is going to spread about your business and you are going to have to be prepared for potential clients. You must get your CRM software in place so when you have a lot of incoming leads, you’ll be ready. 

He also suggests that you build a strong team as soon as possible. Build a good crew, get someone to manage your office work, and get ready to do as much work as you can. You need to have your company as prepared as possible to scale and reach your goals.

Managing your reviews is also a big priority. Reviews are a great way to get your business out there and generate leads. Google is a great resource to manage your reviews along with social media. He says that sending review links to your clients is one of the best ways to get them. 

Are There Any Parting Words of Wisdom You’d Like to Share?

Paul says to not be afraid to get out there but most importantly, focus on doing great work. Have your goals in place and do everything you can to reach them. He also emphasizes that you must focus on doing right by people in order to grow a successful business and get great reviews.