We often get asked ‘why should I invest my time in social media?’, and quite often it is from business owners who have been in business for many years, have a solid bricks and mortar business and often are fearful of trying something new. We understand it can be scary, but the world today is predominantly online, particularly when there is a need to search for a business or service. Here we explore our top reasons why you should invest your time into social media for your business.

It is where people search for something new

The internet can bring a world of businesses to the home of one person, and that is precisely what people use it for. When people want to find a new hairdresser, they search the internet. When they need to buy a birthday present, they search online. Whatever it is, the search is online. Gone are the days of simply using the Yellow Pages and finding someone local. The thing about social media, besides the fact that people chat on it, is that is can be found online in searches, and this is tremendous for your business. Plus, a continual presence, including engaging and helpful content, will help you to build a brand that people love.
How does that help you? If you are a hairdresser in South Texas, and you have that information on your Facebook page, Google and Facebook searches will show your page when someone searches for a hairdresser. A better way to use social media though, is to have that continual engaging and helpful presence so that when someone sees a post of yours that they like, they contact you for a haircut, or other services they need. You will be at the forefront of their minds when they require your services.

Build Your Reputation

Social media is the easiest way to build a good reputation with an audience, one that places you as the expert in your niche. Use social media to show people what you can do, how you can help them and that you are an expert in your field. Never give the hard sell, though, as this is a big turn-off for most people on social media. Create content that inspires and informs your audience, and they will build a relationship with you online, and use your services when they need them.
For example, you do an amazing French braid for a bride on her wedding day. Have someone video you doing it and post it on your social media pages; this serves as both an instructional video for your audience and advertising for your business, highlighting what you can do.

Build Relationships

Gone are the days of having the first 30 seconds when someone walks into your store to build a relationship and make a long-time customer out of them. You now have the power of social media, where you can have daily discussions around topics that are important to your fans. The platforms also allow you to answer any questions they may have, and build a relationship with them. You can also discover what your fans like and bring them offers to save them money (and drive you more business); if you know what they like you can give it to them! It is a well-known fact that people like to do business with those they have a rapport with, and social media helps you build that rapport.

Not sure how to get started?

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