BFFs? Increase Facebook Engagement For Ecommerce

If you spend a few minutes on Google, you’ll quickly recognize that there are approximately 185,231 experts, with 1,987,345 varying opinions on how to increase Facebook page engagement for eCommerce stores. And these “experts” speak in great length about things like promotions, giveaways, contests and so on. All good stuff, and we’ll get to that stuff in another post. But, they’re missing out on the bigger picture. It’s why you say it, what you say and how you say it that affects all of the specific gimmicks they reference, and what really determines whether any of them are successful. Better advice for how to increase Facebook page engagement for eCommerce would be – (1) BE yourself, but be your best self (2) Be FUN (3) FOCUS on your goal. Let’s call us BFFs.

If you’re already thinking “let’s not be BFFs,” or “thanks for the vague and confusing explanation random blog author,” that’s cool. I get it. But, hear me out.

Why do you like anything? Anything!? The answer is simple, the same reason that you make any decisions in life – because of how it makes you feel (and sometimes the consequences, ha). Feelings are powerful, man. How does it make you feel to picture yourself in a new car or dress, or lying on the beach? It feels damn good. Right?! How do your best friends make you feel? Hopefully, they make you feel GOOD! If not, see our future post, “Finding New Friends.” – Not serious. Allow me to digress, and return to my point, it’s easier than you think to increase Facebook page engagement.


Fake is tired. People are savvy. Any thinly veiled attempts at portraying your Facebook page or business as something it’s not is completely transparent. If you run an online boutique and you’re trying to create an online brand position similar to Urban Outfitters, Macy’s or Neiman Marcus – you’re going about things all wrong. Those corporate retailers lack one thing you have, personality. Corporate is dry, you’re not. You have a thousand stories to tell, feelings to share… you have the opportunity to make real connections with users that find your personality appealing.

Don’t go out of your way to try and present yourself as a polished, professional corporation. Share real-life experiences from yourself and your employees. When you’re not talking shop and posting about new products, talk about things that are important or interesting to the people that power your eCommerce store or online boutique. Talk music, kids and fun stuff. Post fun “insider” pictures. The type of consumer that will seek out or engage with an eCommerce store or online boutique will appreciate the sense of being in an inner circle and having familiarity with the business. While corporations remain faceless, emotionless product-churning machines, you have the opportunity to become a familiar friend to complete strangers, just because of your willingness to share real-life and feelings with them.


You get it by now. Different is good. Sharing is great. Making people “feel,” and giving them something they can relate to is… fantastic. But, let’s not overshare. Have the courage to share personal stories that are uplifting, funny or entertaining. But also, have the sense to avoid controversial or divisive discussions. Politics, preferences, social issues, news… shelve ‘em. Any goodwill you earn by delving into anything to do with these topics will be drowned out by the loud voices of Internet trolls who dissent, and can’t wait to tell you (and not in a nice way).


Ever heard the really old saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It applies. Increase Facebook page engagement for eCommerce with a mix of work and play. You’re tempted to share pictures and posts of every great product, do Facebook Live about new arrivals and talk shop entirely too much. But don’t. People can tolerate marketing posts that apply to them, to an extent. But if you mix in a lot of fun, they’ll not only be more likely to tolerate your marketing messages, they’ll engage them at a higher rate – because you’ve earned their trust as “not just another marketer.” You should have a mix of no more than 50/50 when it comes to how much you post specifically about your eCommerce store or boutique vs. everything else. It’s not hard. There are literally thousands of ways to have fun with your followers. Holiday messages and greetings, memes, polls, jokes, music, entertainment and any and every sort of introspective announcements about feelings on anything are your opportunity to brighten someone’s day.

Before you try to sell on Facebook, be fun. Oh, and let me mention that fun can also apply to work. Make your posts about the boutique or products more entertaining. Every image doesn’t have to be a professional model in an ethereal setting. Post a picture of a new top on your dog. And don’t post about your “cute new dresses for summer.” Be different. Talk about why this sexy piece will make The Real Housewives of anywhere jealous. OK, I’m not being literal, but hopefully, you understand that I’m saying your pics and posts can be a little more fun without losing any value from a marketing standpoint. A little charisma will go a long way to increase Facebook page engagement.


Ecommerce customers are always evolving. Their online behaviours and preferences constantly change, they often bounce around through different social sites, websites and apps and they’re usually on mobile devices and on the go. So what, right? Why should you worry about eCommerce customers when you’re specifically trying to increase engagement on your Facebook page? Because… the two are directly related. If your Facebook page represents a business that sells products online, your ultimate engagement is getting users to leave Facebook, click through to your store and make a purchase. And the people that engage your Facebook page the most, are those most likely to do just that.

Your strategy to increase Facebook page engagement should be one in and the same as your strategy to increase Facebook page engagement for eCommerce. Regardless of what you’re doing, keep in mind your goal = sell products. As I’ve eloquently (LOL) state above, it’s good to be yourself and be fun. But, maintain some sense of ancillary purpose. Even if you’re sharing memes, talking about the weather or posting a humiliating picture, keep in mind how it relates to selling products. Do those things often, but do them in a way designed to appeal to the people that buy your products. Fun and authenticity will never get in the way of a sale if the messages match, but make sure there’s some sort of message or connection. There are so many clever ways to tie anecdotal quips back to a marketing message, I could write a whole other post about it. Maybe I will. I believe that’s called a transition.

That’s it, that’s all I’ve got. Can we be BFFs yet? No? Harsh. OK. Either way, hopefully, you can gather the point of this post, regardless of how I rambled it out there. And if you’re into the posts that are more of a “do this and do that to accomplish this” type of person. You’re in luck. While my wisdom on how to increase Facebook engagement for eCommerce may seem a little broad or difficult to apply without much imagination, my next post deals with how to tell if you’re doing all of the things I wrote about today by using your Facebook Insights… and it’s all about the numbers baby. Facebook Insights will tell you EXACTLY what you’re doing right and wrong. If you’d like to join the conversation we’re having about this and other digital marketing tips, you can join us in our Facebook Group Till’ next time…

Jesse Plunkett – Self-Proclaimed Facebook Connoisseur