How to Win at Wholesale

How To Take-Off In The Wholesale and  Ecommerce Business Amid Challenging Times

There are plenty of Goliaths in the eCommerce arena, and it takes more than just a slingshot to survive and thrive. Digital eCommerce during the last decade has snowballed, resulting in several hurdles. It takes startups a leap of faith, a dash of luck, perfect timing, and a 100% hustle to dominate the digital marketplace. 

On the other hand, riding the waves of wholesale business is like surviving huge waves. In 2018, the wholesale trade sector was worth about $8 billion in the U.S. alone. That number signifies a growing number of competition which is affecting how a wholesaler operates.

There are also other factors that influence wholesale and eCommerce businesses like catering to the day-to-day customer demands, securing the shipping, organizing warehouses, and increasing online presence among many others.

In this episode, we’ll cover;

  • How to start a wholesale business.
  • How to get customers. 
  • How to overcome obstacles during the whole process.
  • What are the strategies to scale up your eCommerce business?

I talked to Dyana Rafferty, Founder of Julia Rose Wholesale. She started doing wholesale business in 2019 and has catapulted from a startup owner to being an eCommerce elite. While 2019 was not the best time for wholesale businesses, her company rose from the ashes. 

Dyana’s company experienced exponential growth selling seasonal products, handbags, and more. She has been sourcing and designing her own line when the product that she was looking for did not have the patterns she liked. 

Before she started her company, she worked in retail for years in which she started to blend. She grew her Facebook group to 22,000 followers. Her experience in the retail industry made her gain insight. 

When asked how she managed to bring her business to a massive increase, her answer was, “Ignorance is bliss.” She didn’t even know that 2019 was a gloomy year for the wholesale business.

How To Get Customers?

Dyana’s wholesale business targets online boutique owners. In the podcast, she talked about the growing pains that come with the process and acceleration. Her advice is not to let a business consume the owner. She admitted that at first, she thought of her business as a job, thus working 24/7. At first, she was enjoying it, but later it took a toll on her. 

Here is Dyana’s take on getting the right leads to increase sales:

  • Start researching what people love.
  • Join networking groups and boutique sites to gain followers
  • Never rely on friends and family for sale.
  • Offer products that people love.
  • Put it out there.
  • Organic feedback is helpful.
  • Earn your customer’s trust

What are the strategies for scaling up an eCommerce boutique?

The eCommerce elite talked about how she started her business with lots of folders and one full-time employee. Having learned from her experience, Dyana mentioned the importance of allocating resources to the right people. 

She also stressed that to run a wholesale business successfully, the owner must need to think of :

  1. Quality over quantity all day.
  2. Having proper allocation and expectations.
  3. Getting the right number of manpower.
  4. Engaging in the right conversation with your customers.

Dyana mentioned that sometimes things will not go as you have planned them but fix situations in a heartbeat–it is excellent customer service. Learning the ins and outs of the business is every owner’s assignment. 

“You better bring it on, or you are on yesterday’s news.”, she added.

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