Are you creating a lot of good content regularly but don’t see any improvement in the organic search rankings?

This happens most of the time when there aren’t many quality sites linking back to yours. These are called backlinks and it has become one of the top factors for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Link building is the process of acquiring these links from websites that have a good reputation for increasing your search engine ranking.

The backlinks essentially act as a stamp of approval to show the search engines that your website is as good and reliable as theirs.

Why Should You Give Importance to Link Building?

Even when search engines’ ranking factors keep evolving over time, the importance of backlinks has remained the same. When you can get good quality backlinks relevant to the webpages it’s linking back to, your organic search results also increase.

How so?

Let’s explain. We all know that search engines regularly crawl through the websites to present the best information to the searchers. When they crawl, they notice the links between the websites. This shows them how popular a webpage is and its reputation, which ultimately conveys its usefulness. After all, why is someone going to link to a webpage if it isn’t useful!

In a study conducted among 66 SEO experts by Databox, ‘external links’ was ranked as the third most important factor for having an SEO-friendly website.

Why Should You Give Importance to Link Building?

It shows how much the SEO experts rely on backlinks for the search engine ranking. So if you want to improve your SEO-friendliness, then you need to start working on the backlinks.

4 Tactics to Get Good-Quality Backlinks to Your Website

“How can I earn quality backlinks?”

This is one question that we keep hearing often at YellowFin Digital. As an Austin SEO company, we have worked with several small and medium-scale businesses in the city. We have helped companies optimize their content to make it highly useful and get good link-backs from reputed websites with our Austin SEO services. 

While there are numerous link building tactics we use, our Austin SEO experts have compiled four top ways that can be used by anyone.

  • 1. Follow the ‘Skyscraper Technique’

The Skyscraper Technique was created by Brian Dean of Backlinko to get high-authority backlinks to your website. The technique has three main steps:

  • Find the most popular content on your domain that’s been linked by high-authority sites. 
  • Create content that’s even better than the others.
  • Now, promote your content to those sites and other sites of good authority. 

This technique quickly rose to popularity and became a powerful link building tactic that many top bloggers and companies are using to date. Here is one more addition to the technique by our Austin SEO experts.

Create long-form content that’s filled with valuable information and actionable tips to outperform the other content. According to a study by Backlinko conducted among more than 900 million blogs, it’s found that blogs with more than 3000 words get an average of 77.2% more referring domain links than those with less than 1000 words.

Follow the ‘Skyscraper Technique’

So, combine the Skyscraper Technique with the long-form content results to get good quality backlinks to your site. 

  • 2. Guest Blog on Good-Authority Websites

Are you eyeing a few websites on which you want to get your link? 

Guest blog for them!

Of course, you have to create some top-notch content to guest blog on websites with high authority. Even if your website is new to the industry, you can guest blog and get quality links as long as your content is good and useful. Many popular personalities online have relentlessly guest-blogged to get their brand up front and, of course, to get a bunch of top-quality link-backs from popular websites.

  • 3. Create Infographics

What’s the best way to get backlinks?

Create useful and valuable content.

And what’s the best way to do that?

Create infographics.

Many blogs link to research when writing blogs. People need hard proof to believe the claims and research is the best way to do that. You can either perform research on your own through proper means. Or, you can create an infographic out of the research conducted by external websites, if they don’t have any. 

Some websites combine studies from various sites and put them together in the form of a single infographic. While it can take time and you need to invest in a good graphic designer, it’s totally worth it when it adds immense value and leads to numerous backlinks.

  • 4. Engage on Quora and Industry Forums

Quora has almost all kinds of questions you can ever ask about a topic. From deep data science questions to the best restaurants in the area and how to brush your teeth, you can practically find all types of questions. 

For link building through Quora, you can type on the main keyword for your website. For example, if you’re a nail salon in Austin, type just that in Quora’s search box. Look at the first result.

Engage on Quora and Industry Forums

You can respond to that question by linking back to your website. Make sure to leave a detailed response about your services, experience, and reputation so that Quora doesn’t consider the answer as spam.

You can also respond to other general questions about nail art, nail maintenance, and other related topics and try to naturally link back to your website. The key here is to add value and get a backlink without coming off as a spammer. 

Similarly, you can also visit your industry forums and create thoughtful answers that help the community and then link to your website naturally.

Final Words

Link building is a proven powerful technique to increase backlinks to your website. It’s one of the top reasons for some of the top websites of today. So follow these above links to increase your backlinks. If not, you can always invest in a trustworthy digital marketing agency in Austin, like YellowFin Digital, to improve the organic ranking through link building.