Does your website rank fluctuate on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)? Could your business benefit from focusing on SEO strategies?

Yeah… It’s an excellent idea. SEO is the most significant factor to look at when it comes to your website’s visibility and ranking. But more importantly, it’s about choosing the best company for your business from the list of SEO companies in Texas.

There are many advantages to hiring a professional SEO company to optimize your website and promote you on-page and off-page. A professional SEO company:

  • Will help you drive more organic traffic to your website and can help redesign your current website if that is necessary to increase SEO results.
  • Help you plan effective digital marketing strategies to attract new visitors and keep engaging old ones. 
  • Provide relevant information and quality content to customers and Search Engines, encouraging traffic to your website
  • Increase overall traffic to your website, ultimately increasing engagement and online sales. Quality customer interaction positively affects rankings on SERP.

The most significant benefit of hiring an SEO agency is that it frees you up to focus on serving your clients, rather than attracting them yourself. A partnership with YellowFin Digital means that our SEO team members will focus on your digital campaigns while you focus on running the rest of your business.

Let’s check what the research says about digital marketing:

  • 64% of active marketers invest time in search engine optimization(SEO).
  • 49% of users accept that they are using Google to buy new products or services.
  • 65% of people use voice search(most effective factor for SEO) once in a day.
  • 25% of companies invest more in mobile optimization as a top SEO technique.

Remember that the best SEO company will help you with more than SEO only. It’s always an excellent idea to choose a company that provides other services like a website redesign, mobile app development, social media marketing, PPC, reputation management services, and other services that ultimately works to enhance your online presence.

Now, how do you know which SEO company to entrust with your SEO campaign?

Below are a few questions you can ask when interviewing potential digital advertising vendors.

#1# Which kind of SEO services do you provide?

There are various SEO services we provide to achieve higher ranking and other SEO goals. Such as:

Technical SEO:

In this, we analyze the website’s all technical factors. It is most important to optimize the website and server for better performing and higher ranking websites. It can help search engine crawlers to crawl your website and effectively index it easily.

On-Page SEO:

With on-page SEO strategies, we optimize each and every webpage of your website for higher user engagement and higher rank. It covers content and HTML source code to optimize for the increased visibility on the SERP.

Off-Page SEO

It includes the various activities that we perform out of the website to reach the target audience and achieve a higher rank on the search engine result page.

#2# Which SEO strategies do you include to boost website traffic?

Let’s have a look at some important SEO strategies we perform to make your business more successful in the digital marketplace.

Technical SEO Features: On-site SEO Features: Off-site SEO Features:
Website loading speed Meta title and meta description of each web pages Competitor analysis
Responsiveness of the website Heading(HTML header tags) Quality link building
HTTPS/SSL certificate Website Content Social media marketing
Guest Blogging
Eliminate broken pages and Links
XML Sitemap

#3# How can you incorporate your strategies for the success of my business?

We check many factors in the initial stages of a client interview process to ensure that our team can best suit your needs. Typically, we begin with a website analysis. It’s important that we understand the current website design and optimization, website loading speed, mobile-friendliness, and many other technical factors before proposing which services would best fit your budget and goals.

We’ll implement various on-site and off-site strategies that are relevant to your website. Further customization of SEO campaigns depend on your business, whether you are an eCommerce retailer, service provider, educational website, etc. Each business type has success with different SEO campaigns, and we tailor each campaign to optimize success for each client. 

#4# How long does it take to have my website on the top of SERP?

One of the most common questions asked of SEO companies is, “how long will it take for me to be Number One for these keywords”. Be weary of SEO companies that promise high rankings in a short amount of time. There are “black hat” techniques that some companies use for fast results. While these techniques might give you the result once, Google algorithms are very sensitive and respond negatively to those trying to usurp the process. Many companies using these “black hat” techniques get their clients permanently banned from search results. 

At YellowFin Digital marketing agency, we only implement white hat SEO strategies. White Hat strategies include on-page and off-page SEO optimization, utilization of alt-tags and meta descriptions, and other above board practices that are search engine approved. Because of these very specific ways to achieve long-lasting SEO results, SEO campaigns are typically part of a long-term branding strategy. 

It takes a little bit of time, but the best thing is it gives results for the long haul.

#5# Can I see your client portfolio?

The client portfolio enables an organization to manage the relationship with its clients. It proactively shows how successfully you reached the desired goals.

Especially for the marketers, it gives a clear vision of who to target and how you reached them. Check here YellowFin Digital’s client’s portfolio.

#6# Can you show success stories/reviews?

Have you heard about the clutch? It’s a leading B2B platform for posting reviews and feedback. Clients can easily submit the feedback or their reviews about each business registered on the website. 

At YellowFin Digital, we receive 11 reviews and perfect 5-star ratings. It shows how our clients are satisfied with the provided services. Check here the reviews of the leading marketing company.

#7# Will you provide any other services if any changes are required on my website?

The best service providers are able to handle more than your SEO campaign. At YellowFin Digital, our SEO experts review all the factors that affect rankings. Our professionals suggest if there are any requirements for the website redesign, updated content, or any other changes. 

We also provide the services for custom web design, local search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile app development, content marketing, and other services that effectively impact your website’s ranking.

#8# How do you measure the success of your SEO efforts?

There are many SEO metrics available to measure the result of SEO efforts. 

SEO experts at Yellowfin Digital consistently send reports to measure the success of our marketing campaigns. Regular reporting helps our clients to understand the progress we have made toward achieving higher SERP rankings.


Just think SEO is a deep ocean. You wouldn’t dive in without a life jacket.

Digital marketing is not different. You are a brilliant, busy-savvy business owner, but you likely are not a digital marketing expert. Partnering with a team of experts allows you to invest wisely with your marketing dollars while freeing up your time to focus on your areas of expertise. As a business owner, you don’t have in-depth knowledge of various internet marketing strategies. So, hiring the best company for your business from the list of SEO companies in Texas is more beneficial.

The leading SEO company works as a life jacket for your business. That will turn your fear of diving in this digital world of competition to the happiness of standing ahead on the search results by offering you various effective digital marketing strategies

YellowFin Digital is an award-winning marketing agency.

It is the full SEO service providing company that also offers local SEO services, Voice SEO, eCommerce SEO, and all other types of SEO services. Our team of experts also provide other essential services such as custom web development, mobile app development, eCommerce digital marketing solution, and various internet marketing services. 

Yellowfin Digital: We handle digital, you handle the rest.