Have you ever wondered why some websites have less traction than others that provide the same services?

The user experience (UX) on the website plays a vital role in attracting and converting the users. With regards to website design, first impressions do matter as an average user rarely sticks around for more than 15 seconds unless you give them a reason to.

Prioritizing on Customer-Centric Web Design

68% of users leave a website due to poor user-centric website design. All users ask for is a smooth website experience that lets them find what they want without any fuss. To do that, one needs to understand everything that goes on in the minds of the users when they land on the website. Some businesses try to create a custom web design that stands out from their competitors. While there is nothing wrong with that, one should never lose focus on what the customers expect.

If you want to gain leads, the user interface should feel natural and intuitive. The minute they face difficulty in finding what they want, you are closer and closer to losing that potential lead.

Fool-Proofing your Digital Marketing Efforts

No matter how hard you try to increase the conversion rate through digital marketing, your efforts will be futile if the website doesn’t have a proper user experience. In most digital marketing efforts, the end result is to divert traffic to the website, increase the number of visitors on the landing pages, get more users to sign up for subscriptions or convince them to make a purchase.

All these actions require a strong website design that is aesthetically pleasing to the users. If you want to have successful digital marketing campaigns, the website has to be completely optimized according to your target audience.

Personalize User Experience to Increase Conversion Rate

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Personalization is one of the major aspects of taking the user experience to the next level. Adding personalized content native to your target audience will help in increasing your conversion rate. According to Kibo’s Consumer Trend Report released in 2017, 85% of people said that personalization in the homepage promotions influenced their decisions.

With personalization in web design, you can anticipate and adapt to what the majority of users expect from your website and build a web design that appeals to their interest. This enables you to present your services and products in its best form that looks attractive and inviting to your potential customers.

To create a custom web design that delivers the best user experience, you require a competent team that can learn and understand your business and your target audience. The talented web design team at YellowFin Digital are not only wizards at the technical aspects, but are also experts at gaining insights into the user expectations. Talk to us now with your expectations and create a custom web design that your users will love!

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