Engaging an SEO company to manage your website and help you rank higher in Google searches is a big (and potentially expensive) venture, so you want to make sure you have it right. Prices and services vary, though, and it can be difficult to know which company is going to give you the best results. We have put together a list of important things to consider when choosing an SEO company, so that you can understand fully what to expect.

Ask Around and Research

The sign of a good SEO company is one that has websites ranking highly in Google searches already. Use Google as your research tool, and type in some relatively popular keywords. Then, contact the companies whose websites appear in the first-third positions for that keyword. You don’t have to do them all, though. Ask them who does their SEO and whether or not they would recommend them. Straight away you know that the company is able to get good results because they have businesses ranked highly, and they are likely to do the same for yours.

Services and Guarantees

You can’t compare oranges and apples, so don’t compare SEO packages that are vastly different. Find out exactly what services each one offers, and what you need. Also beware companies who guarantee that you will be on the first page of Google within X months. No company can actually guarantee that since they don’t control Google’s algorithm or what the competitors in the same market are doing with their SEO efforts. Companies who make these guarantees should be viewed with caution as making promises to deliver specific results while not having complete control over the entire process often leads to disappointing results.

Content Creation

A good SEO company will include content writing, or copywriting, as part of the service. If they don’t it might be a good idea to go elsewhere. The reason for this is because you want as few people working on your site as possible to avoid any consistency issues. Plus, your site needs SEO copywriting for maximum results and if you have to then pay someone else to do it, it is going to cost you money and time interacting with more people.


Price is a significant factor for many people when choosing an SEO company, particularly those businesses that are start-ups or new to internet marketing. In many cases, the prices vary significantly, as do the services that are included in the package. Take care to weigh up exactly what is being offered by each company you speak to, and get multiple quotes. A higher price does not always mean better results, although a lower price could mean a less quality and number of hours being spent on your SEO efforts each month. Get referrals and ask to see results of each company before making your decision.


Having experience in the SEO field is important because it is a results-driven industry. The last thing you want is to hire a company and pay them lots of money, only to have minimal positive results for your efforts. However, this does not mean that a start-up SEO company won’t be any good. Weigh the services offered, expectations they provide and the cost. If they are all relatively similar, then look to experience as the deciding factor. Sometimes someone new to the industry can offer a fresh perspective on things and might achieve greater results for your business.

There are many things to consider when choosing an SEO company, and it is well worth your time to do it diligently. It can be a big investment for your company, which can impact the bottom-line of your profits. To get a quote today, contact YellowFin Digital, a digital marketing agency in Corpus Christi. We can assist you with your SEO needs. Contact us today and see how your business can get to the next level.