For many business owners the thought of embracing social media can be daunting; understanding where to start, when to post and what is going to make your social media pages successful. There are many elements to consider and the realm is constantly evolving, with new things to learn all the time. Here at YellowFin Digital we understand these concerns and will share some reasons why you should consider investing in a social media manager for your business.

Let’s start by looking at what a social media manager does. They create content (text posts, videos, images) to go on your pages, that will engage your audience. They respond to customer enquiries in real time, on behalf of your business. They monitor trends and keep up to date with the latest apps and behaviours that drive success on social media; they keep their finger on the pulse. For you, as a business owner, these things are critical to the success of your social media campaign, and the online reputation of your business.

Every business owner is busy and has a million things to do at any given time. Creating fresh and engaging content to post on social media can be tiring and brain-draining. Firstly, you need to know what type of content your audience likes. Then, you need to spend time creating that content to be posted. This may be making a video, designing an image, or thinking of something useful to post for your audience. After that, you need to know when the best time to post is, so that the majority of your audience sees your post. You need to know when they are online. A social media manager can do all of this for you.

How often do you have time to sit and respond to questions or comments from customers, or potential customers? Would it be once a day, once every few days or maybe once a week? In the world of social media, the response from your business needs to be the same day (or within 12 hours). As a busy person you are unlikely to be able to do this across every contact point, and do it well. A social media manager keeps an eye on your page at all times, making sure they respond as quickly as possible so that your relationship with your customers is positive and informative.

The world of social media is constantly evolving, with new apps, new hashtags and new processes every week. It can be a near full-time job just to stay up to date on these things. And you need to, if you want to be a prominent figure for your niche. A social media manager knows which apps are working best and can save time and money, they stay abreast of popular hashtags and use them to draw attention to your brand and they know what works (and what doesn’t) on different platforms, to gain maximum engagement from your fans.

Managing your social media yourself can be done, and it is often a nice, personal touch when it is. But having a social media manager to help you can take out much of the hard, and time-consuming, work for you. Choose the right one, who will be the face of your brand as though they have been with you from the beginning.

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