Happy Customers Stay Customers

How Happy Customers Will Not Leave Your Business Empty-Handed

Some eCommerce companies are struggling to market their products because of a limited ad budget. While Facebook and Google are signaling online ad pain, word of mouth is an effective way to influence consumers in their purchasing decisions. Mainly because people trust a user’s opinion more than ad campaigns. In short, a customer review can either make or break your business. 

Referrals help build your brand from the ground up. Imagine how fast a rumor can spread. That is how fast online recommendations from your customers can generate leads into your pipeline and boost your sales revenue. 

Customer satisfaction is the gateway to a successful business. Collecting customer satisfaction data can help your company identify the changes needed to improve products, services, and processes.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How a ‘happy customer’ will help attract more buyers.
  • What are the ideal eCommerce marketing strategies that can boost sales revenue.
  • How to leverage on digital marketing agencies and their services.

I talked to Roger Hardy, CEO of Kits.com. Kits is an online eyewear boutique that sells  high-quality but affordable men and women’s glasses, blue light blocking lenses, and accessories. Roger has catapulted from a marketer for a contact lens company to being an eCommerce elite. He remembers how his previous company sold contact lenses to doctors with a huge markup from its retail price; that was his ‘eureka” moment. He also realized that the eyewear business is outdated. So, he decided on creating his own eyewear company where customers can get free eye examinations on iPhones in a jiffy. This 3-year old company has served an estimated of one million happy customers this year and is hopeful to gain more traction in the days ahead.

In the podcast, he mentioned the importance of really digging into customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products, speed delivery, customization, and subscriptions. 

How A Good Marketing Can’t Save A Bad Business

With the rising paid traffic ad costs, traditional marketing is slowly reverting. Facebook and Google are no longer guaranteed to generate sales. On the other hand, TV campaigns and other promotional ads help skyrocket revenue through brand awareness. Kits came up with a campaign that included an ad buy during the first half of the Super Bowl in Canada, which has been a big source of growth over the past year for the company.

The eyewear brand grew quickly over the past three years with $75 Million sales in 2020 and $100 Million this year. 

Hardy mentioned the company’s success was attributed to: 

    • Vertical manufacturing– Kits uses state of the art equipment to produce high-quality eyewear and accessories. 
    • Disruptor Mentality– going against the norm is pretty daunting. But for Hardy, it means providing unique products that cater to the needs of their customers; this makes the brand stand out from its competitors. 
    • Excellent Customer Service– Hardy’s mantra is that eyeglasses travel in families. He stresses the importance of customer satisfaction and how a word of mouth can save tons of marketing dollars and boost sales.
  • Nano Influencer Marketing- The company maximizes advertising by creating an army of influencers to promote their products and services. 
  • User Generated Content (UGC)- Kits has a team of skilled marketing gurus to help them create social media posts and campaigns on search engines. 

Why You Should Not Wear All The Hats?

Hardy is smart enough to tap some email marketing and digital marketing experts to help strengthen the company’s sales and branding.  He mentioned that it is important to split test everything before going live and make educated decisions to avoid mishaps. This strategy made them one of the most successful eyewear brands globally. The company is now planning to build its lab in Canada. 

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