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Abby Robertson of the Kringle Krate found her e-commerce path as a happy accident.  Some business ventures take years of ideation and planning before things get rolling– but this wasn’t the case for Abby. The Kringle Krate story begins with a Christmas Eve activity box that she created for her family members. Naturally, they were a hit. When Abby branched out to showcase her idea at craft fairs, the boxes went viral on social media. In case you’re wondering what a “Kringle Krate” is, it’s a themed Christmas box (though Abby has expanded her themes to include birthday and pets.) Ideal for children ages 3-10 that delivers family traditions in a structured way. From enjoying a cup of hot cocoa to helping your children set out reindeer food, Abby’s Kringle Krate boxes heighten the magic of Christmas Eve.

In this episode we will be discussing:

  • Struggles and expectations when outsourcing
  • The technology used
  • Advice from a successful e commerce owner

How did your boxes get their design?

Abby wanted a themed design to feature on her Kringle Krate boxes. When she saw a stock photo she liked, she directly contacted the artist to design for her. This designer was from Malaysia, so there was a huge time difference for Abby and her designer. This could have caused problems, but Abby set expectations, established a generous timeline, and displayed a pristine ability to communicate effectively.. The artist also communicated well about their timeline, which meant things went well on both sides. When outsourcing, one should expect delays and manage expectations on both sides.

What technology do you use in your business?

Abby uses a wide variety of technology to run her e-commerce business. Abby doesn’t consider herself to be a tech person, but proclaims that, “Shopify is the best” and finds it to be extremely user friendly. She used a predesigned theme to get her e-commerce shop running quickly– even with a limited knowledge of the platform. Websites are always a work in progress, so Abby continues learning new things. She would get it where she wanted, and then come back a few days later and find a detail she disliked. This means she is continuously adjusting things on the website while seeking feedback from her friends and family throughout the entire process.

Originally taken on an iPhone, Abby was not proud of was her initial products pictures. A breakthrough for her business was to join in a photography collaboration, where she trades products for professional photography. This helped her to better present her brand and overall look.

What’s one thing you wish you had done differently?

Looking back, Abby wished she had set up all of the little details that go into a website from the start. From email campaigns such as welcome messages and abandoned cart follow-ups to pop ups, there are so many things that provide every opportunity to reach a customer right off the bat. As she learned to do it all herself, those things took time to come together. The best piece of advice Abby can share is to make sure your Shopify account is 100% setup before launching your website. You want to have everything in order from email capture apps to re-targeting before your launch date.

She also wished she had her purchases pushed from Shopify into Quickbooks automatically the entire time. Most people are so excited to get their site launched that they don’t think about the back end of the process. People often don’t realize that these programs and apps are available, which is why the Shopify marketplace comes in handy to find cool and extremely convenient tools like these.

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