Google stole the limelight in the Chinese Developers Conference conducted on September 11, 2019, by announcing the release of Flutter 1.9 and Dart 2.5.

The Flutter 1.9 update lets the developers build any kinds of apps with the same coding base. The Dart 2.5 update provides support for calling C code within Dart and uses machine learning to enforce its code completion capability.

This simultaneous release of both these updates came as a welcome sign to the mobile app development community. Now the mobile app development agency gets to enjoy greater benefits when developing web, mobile and desktop applications as these updates aim to simplify the process and quicken the completion time.

Let’s have a quick look at what these updates mean for mobile app development.

Mobile App Development

The Best of Flutter 1.9 Update

Flutter is used to build mobile apps by using the Dart language. Flutter has a complete framework, widgets and other tools needed to build Android and iOS applications quickly.

The vital part of the Flutter 1.9 update is its ability to support iOS 12 and macOS Catalina. JavaScript and Objective-C was the primary code language for developing mobile apps through Flutter, but with this new update, Flutter 1.9 has changed the default code to Swift and Kotlin. Here are a few more significant improvements with the Flutter 1.9 update.

  • Though Flutter was built with the aim to support the development of mobile apps, with the new unified repository of Flutter, developers can now use the same platform to create desktop and web apps too.
  • There are new widgets introduced that allow developers to quickly develop apps with ease like the text, color and toggle icons.
  • Flutter now has multi-language support of 24 languages that includes several Asian languages like Kannada, Burmese, Telugu, Nepali, and Punjabi.
  • The new update of Flutter supports Xcode-built systems with 64-bit support.

The Best of Dart 2.5 Update

Dart was introduced by Google to make app development uncomplicated and faster. Since then, it has become a favorite in mobile app development to develop mobile, web and desktop applications without any hassles. The new Dart 2.5 update has brought in a few major improvements to the app development community.

Machine Learning-Powered Code Completion Capability
Dart 2.5 has taken mobile app development to the next level by introducing automatic code completion. As soon as the developers type in the start of the symbol to type the code, the machine learning-powered feature will give suggestions to complete the code. This feature also ensures that there are no pesky typing errors that have to be rectified later.

Calling C Code Directly
This new feature was a moment of happiness for many developers. The Dart:ffi library allows calling the C components and frameworks directly from Flutter with the Dart language. Also, with this new feature, developers can run TensorFlow once the code is completed to check along with the entire operating system.

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