While it is important to understand the benefits of social media, how to use it and what things you need in order to promote your brand, captivating your audience is a whole different ball game. Simply having a social media page and posting every now and then will not help to build your brand or engage your fans, and these are things you absolutely must do to have a successful online presence. This article will show you the best practices for engaging your fans on social media.

It can be hard to decide what and when to post on your business pages for social media. There are many schools of thought, but one formula that is tried and tested, and used among many successful brands, is the 5:3:2 ratio.

Content From Others

Aim for 5 posts a week that come from other sources, and obviously, you give will give them credit. This can come in the form of sharing another page’s post, sharing a video from an alternative source or posting content while giving the author credit. Doing this has many benefits. Firstly, it shows that you are paying attention to your field and acknowledging what is going on. Secondly, it helps to build relationships with other brands. This is great, particularly for those brands that complement yours rather than those that are the competition. Thirdly, your brand is likely to be seen by more people as the fans of the page you shared it from will see your name. Finally, it gives you new and different content, a different voice, to share with your fans. It might even provide information to them that you didn’t know about, or think to give them.

Your Own Content

Three times a week (on average) you need to post original content that relates to your business, services or products. But do not aim to sell anything. Give value, information or open a discussion for your fans to engage in. Use this time to showcase your expertise and give your fans as much value as possible. How can you help make their lives a little easier today?

Be Human

Twice a week, get personal. Post something from yourself, or a person in your company, that is personal and not very business-related. Show the human side of your company and people will respond to you, rather than your post. Doing this builds a relationship with your fans, allowing them to see the real people behind the brand and make a connection. Humanizing your brand is what social media is about: socializing. Open up a conversation and get the opinions of your fans. Share a pic or video of people working in the company, having fun and being themselves. Perhaps one of your workers has a personal issue (like choosing between pizza and Chinese cuisine for dinner); get the fans to weigh in. Everybody loves to give an opinion and if it is not business-related they are more likely to want to engage and have a conversation with you. This, in turn, builds your brand reputation.

If you cannot stick to this ration, that’s fine too. It won’t always work in your busy schedule. Aim to be as personal and human as you can, though, and work to build a relationship with your fans that are not solely revolving around your brand and the services you provide. If you are unsure, talk to YellowFin Digital, a digital marketing agency in South Texas. We can assist you with your social media management. Contact us today and see how your business can get to the next level.