Do you remember those days when having the best website design was enough to market your business online?

When developing an internet marketing strategy for your business, always remember that the most successful things in life are built on trust. You’re not trying to trick your potential customers or lure them in with false promises. You want to show them why your company is the best fit for their product or service needs. So, how do you earn that trust and climb the search engine rankings? Keywords. Incorporating specific keywords into your website is not only a cornerstone of creating healthy relationships with site visitors, but it’s what exclusively drives organic search engine rankings.

Determining the optimal keywords for your site involves lengthy research and a lot of industry experience. As a small business, the truth is you just might not have the time or resources to develop a competitive marketing strategy. After all, big businesses have entire departments dedicated to just that.

At YellowFin Digital, we’ve helped many businesses and get them a strong foothold in the market to rise above the competition with our Houston SEO services. We take care of the digital, so you don’t have to.

SEO Digital Marketing To Grow Your Business

As a Houston SEO company, we have experimented with different SEO and digital marketing strategies and methods. Let us look at some of the top factors that influence your internet marketing spectrum directly.

Top Internet Marketing Factors 

It’s no secret that SEO is a great way to market your business. It allows you to attract leads to your website and increases revenue for your company. Online SEO importance is obvious but let’s get into why it is one of the best online marketing strategies.

Every second, thousands of people search on Google. 

When you are implementing SEO into your online marketing strategy, you are marketing your business to thousands of people — as in, 70 thousand people search every second. That’s an incredible exposure opportunity.

When you use SEO to market the services, you make your company available to an expansive user base. It gives you a higher chance of attracting interested customers and leads to making more conversions. Without SEO, targeted audiences will rarely see your website and use your services.

Most people ignore paid ads.

Paid ads are a great way to advertise your business, but nearly 80% of users ignore the paid ad that appears in search results. This means you have a greater chance of someone clicking on your website if it shows up organically in web search.

Paid ads

Organic results

What does “ranking organically” mean? It means that your website shows up as a result below the paid ads, and you don’t have to pay a single penny for the spot. To appear in search results organically, you only need a solid SEO campaign.

Companies implement SEO more than ever. 

Online SEO is a must if you want to stay ahead in competing online. More than half of companies say that their biggest priority is to grow their SEO campaigns. It means if you don’t opt for an SEO campaign, your business will likely fall behind in search rankings.

If you need assistance in your SEO campaign, our Houston SEO company can develop high-quality comprehensive and individualized strategies for your business. We create strategic campaigns for businesses to attract and retain customers online efficiently. We help you boost your sales and maximize your return on investment.

Dominate the internet marketing spectrum with Digital Marketing 

It takes more than merely establishing an online presence to attract new customers. Businesses need to invest time and resources towards multiple digital marketing tactics to continuously increase the traffic. Including these essential digital marketing tactics in your strategy will lead customers to your site with high-quality leads. 

Content and website

While a website is necessary to host your products, services, and information, it’s important to recognize that producing helpful and attractive content will consistently help you reach new users. It converts recurring visitors into loyal customers and extends your business’ online reach, so that you can attract even more new customers.

 One common and effective approach to maximizing your website’s platform to promote content is to write and share articles that inform and update your target audience with industry insights and trends. Your goal is to make your website not just a place to shop, but a source of useful information.

Communicate with customers

Constant keeping in touch with your customers allows the conversation to become more amiable and engaging. Consistent and timely communication will build trust. It will also let you update the wants and needs of your customers.

 Two ways to structure customer communications are outbound email and social media marketing. Don’t be afraid to initiate the conversation and ensure that you respond to every tweet and customer promptly.

 An email subscription newsletter routine is also an effective way to encourage customer communications, and establishing a direct route to your website in their feed is a win-win. SEO companies in Houston follow the route, which gives them the desired results.

SEO and PPC campaign 

At YellowFin Digital, we increase your website’s SEO while running PPC campaigns with keywords. This technique is proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies, and as your site ranks higher, your business will receive more online traffic.  

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, allows for a consistent flow of valuable search traffic.


If you want your business to compete with big companies and dominate your industry in the world of internet marketing, it’s time to dive deeper into SEO and digital marketing techniques. That’s where consulting a professional SEO company in Houston is a great place to start. At YellowFind we create effective SEO campaigns, informative content creations, and encourage the customer to communicate to increase your online visibility and promote the traffic to produce quality leads.