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Marketing Tips to get to $2 Million Yearly in Revenue from an OG in Online Boutiques

Entrepreneurship is not one-size-fits-all. Aside from the physical, mental, and emotional demands that come with it, learning business strategies is important to grow your brand. If you are running a physical or online women’s clothing boutique, you know that challenges are inevitable. 

In 2020, according to WDD, 50+ huge fashion retailers experienced dips in revenue north of the million-dollar mark—including retailers with a stronghold in the fashion industry, like H&M, Levi’s, and Nike. 

Amid the pandemic, hundreds of retail clothing stores continue to survive in the market by capitalizing on their ecommerce stores. Despite the economic slowdown, eCommerce continues to grow steadily. These open doors allow boutique owners to revive their businesses and increase their sales revenue.

I talked to Angela Smith, CEO of Off The Racks Boutique, a women’s clothing store that sells clothes, makeup, and fashion accessories. Currently, their sales continue to skyrocket in their online shop and mobile shopping app. Angela started her business in 2013 as a side hustle while working in the child support office. With only a spare room and five racks of clothes, the boutique’s first collection of tank tops went viral, and the rest was history. Realizing that the small team had already outgrown the extra room in their home, Angela moved into a new space and continued to grow her business. 

With their ever-changing inventory and effective marketing strategies, they were able to reach $2 million in revenue and are now aiming to hit the $5 to10 million mark in the next couple of years. Their flagship store is located in Eastover, NC, just outside of Fayetteville.

In this episode, we will talk about:

  • How a women’s boutique can thrive in eCommerce.
  • How to be a successful women’s boutique owner.
  • Why testing other advertising platforms is the key to increase online presence and sales.

The New Business Shift

With upbeat digital innovation, changes in consumer behavior, and buyers’ trends, the fashion industry has experienced seismic shifts. This unpredictability has either pulled some brick-and-mortar companies down the drain or has accelerated them into a sudden transition– the digital market.  What seemed daunting to some may be a ladder of success to these “adventurous “ business owners who were not afraid or were forced to transition. Managing an online boutique requires agility.  Not only does an owner have to deal with suppliers, logistics, and customer service but also in finding online platforms and digital marketing strategies that are tailored to meet their goals. 

Empowered To Succeed Online

Angela works with several channels of marketing; sites like Instagram, Facebook, a mobile app, and her BigCommerce website to promote her business. Aside from that, she also uses tools like email marketing and engages in her social media groups with 30 thousand followers. Angela has her SEO and website strategically positioned, and they generate ever-increasing site visits and sales. Her advice is to not rely on a single stream of marketing and to do split tests on other advertising platforms and see which ones will work for your business. 

What Angela wished she had done earlier in her business was hire people. Find the right people to help you do the things you don’t do well or simply don’t have time for. Currently, she is managing a small team to keep up with the demands of her physical and online boutique. 

Her best advice for growing ecommerce business owners: a dream is never too big. Whatever you set your mind to, you can do it. Off The Racks Boutique is growing beyond her wildest dreams and is currently looking for a bigger space to do that in.

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