Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Best friends and co-owners of Flaunt Boutique, Autumn and Laura, started their successful e-commerce shop in 2012 out of their college dorm room. One night, a discussion about popular statement jewelry turned into a session of brainstorming how they could offer people trendy jewelry for cheaper prices. Starting with 10 poor-quality images on Facebook, their online sales adventure began.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The technologies used that helped this online boutique to really take off.
  • What these co-owners of a very successful ecommerce business wished they knew before starting this venture.
  • Advice for everyone regardless of where they are in their ecommerce journey.

Autumn and Laura both continued to pursue their higher education, one going onto get a Master’s Degree for accounting and the other going to physical therapy school. It was around this time that their business really started taking off, and they had to make a choice. Would they continue forward with this online boutique, or take different paths and quit their ecommerce journey? Thankfully, they decided to continue on, allowing us to hear their amazing story.

What types of technology did you use when starting up your business?

Autumn and Laura started selling their products on Facebook. They posted images and every Sunday night at 7 pm they would go live with about 6 items and auction them off. Growing their business meant making a website, which they did through a platform called Soldsy. They eventually moved their website from Soldsy to Comments Sold, which opened up a plethora of opportunities for them. They now have a Facebook page and group, as well as their app and website. In addition to this, they utilize Shipstation which helps their business to flow smoothly and integrates directly with Comments Sold.

What do you wish you’d known before starting up your business?

They wished they’d known how much of a roller coaster ride it would be. Especially in the beginning, their number of sales would go up and down sharply. Autumn and Lara reflected on how people may not realize that this fluctuation in sales is normal for businesses.

What advice would you give to people who are just starting off?

Both Autumn and Laura gave moving responses and great advice in response to this question. Autumn would tell people that it’s better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. She advises to be true to oneself and be different rather than being like everyone else. Laura’s piece of advice comes from a rut that she found herself in after having given birth six months ago. She would like to tell people that it is important to understand when you are in a rut, and find something that can pull you out of it. She encourages others to find something that energizes them, and use that to get out of the life’s blocks they may find themselves in.

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