Success Story: Social and PPC Ads Success Story

A Plus Sized Women’s Boutique sees almost 1300% Return on Investment selling with Social Media and Google Ad Campaigns.

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About the Company

A Plus Sized Women’s Boutique began when owners saw a need for cute and chic boutique type clothing at affordable prices.

They started online only and opened their brick and mortar store in 2018. With a very strong customer service background, their goal is for women to be completely satisfied with their purchases and experience.

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The Challenge

This plus sized boutique hired YellowFin Digital to grow their brand through ads. Leaving another marketing company behind because of lack of transparency, this boutique needed high delivery on their needs since they had not been successful in the past. YellowFin Digital went to work on discovering their ideal audience.


The Challenge

YellowFin Digital went to work on discovering their ideal audience, determining which platforms they would see the best performance on and the best way to scale their branding.

In concert with a new ad campaign launch, we started with a top to bottom website refresh and rebrand. Their website was dated and the user experience was less than optimal.

With a new, beautiful, user friendly website completed, building out their ideal customer was our next challenge. With A/B testing across social media we narrowed in on the target audience fairly quickly. We threw in Google Retargeting Ads, Google Shopping and Google Adwords which helped our social media efforts by increasing brand recognition and boosting overall sales.



Sales increased immediately! Using Social Ads with many different Google Advertising options, the campaigns built on the success from one another pumping out double-digital ROAS month after month.

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  • Ad Spend: $39,695.78
  • Impressions: 4,744,473
  • Orders: 8,423
  • Cost Per Order: $4.71
  • Revenue: $514,877.00
  • ROAS: 12.97

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