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Dents on Demand

About the Company

Dents on Demand is one of the premier paintless dent repair companies in the United States.

They are experts in removing any unwanted auto hail damage or dents on cars, vans, trucks and SUVs. They specialize in state of the art, paint-less dent removal and paint-less dent repair techniques that they use to repair vehicles damaged in small to large hail storms.


    The Challenge

    Dents on Demand has been using primarily “old school” types of marketing to find customers over the last decade. They have made a living using mailers and knocking on doors after hail storms to try to find potential customers who need hail damage fixed on their vehicles. With the Coronavirus around this year, it made it almost impossible to knock on doors to find customers and the mailers they had used in the past seem to be less and less effective. COVID forced Dents on Demand to pivot their marketing efforts into Digital Marketing online.


    The Solutions

    We spent a good amount of time talking with the team from Dents on Demand to make sure we understood what their ideal customer looked like and what makes them truly unique as compared to other PDR (paintless dent repair) service providers.

    We started by creating a landing page with a clear CTA (Call to Action) that allowed potential customers to either click on the phone number to call or fill out a simple form and choose if they preferred to be contacted via phone, text or email.

    Next, we started the process of building both search and display ads to capture people actively looking for repairs, as well as people who may have been hit by the hail storm inside the same geographic area, but weren’t actively searching for PDR services yet. We continued to adjust spend across search and display to ensure a high level impressions while keeping the cost per click as low as possible.

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Ryan Tucker
Owner @ Dents on Demand

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